Review: Batgirl Annual #1

Written by Sheena Browning

Who doesn’t love it when Babs and Kara team up to take on bad guys? You get just that in the Batgirl Annual #1. The story begins with Batgirl doing what she does best. Fighting crime. Then guess who appears on the scene? Supergirl? Yea, you would be correct.

The daughter of Krypton needs Batgirl’s help to rescue who she believes to be another Kryptonian that has called out to Supergirl psychically. With no help from the DEO she recruits Batgirl for this mission. Once the girls infiltrate CADMUS we get to see them use the skills they’re best at. Batgirl as always is an amazing, intelligent hacker and acrobat that can easily break them in. And, of course Supergirl is there to assist with super strength, heat vision, and logic. Together they are a harmonious and amazing team.

Another story you can look forward to reading in the Batgirl Annual is how Barbara is balancing her work-life, school-life, and friends. Being Batgirl is no easy task. And, everyone deserves friends and a life. But, balancing them all without revealing that Barbara is Batgirl is…complicated. It’s nice to see just how human Batgirl really is in this particular story. I enjoyed learning a little bit more about Barbara and her best friend in this tale.

I’ve always loved any team-up with Batgirl and Supergirl. If you love either character, or you’re like me and love both, I recommend picking this one up. The stories are interesting, the dialogue between the dynamic-girl-duo is great, and you get to meet some new enemies. Wait, maybe allies?

Rating: 9/10 Stars.