Review: Titans Annual #1

Written M.J. Rawls

The whole DC Rebirth arch as been an entertaining conundrum. And while we have come to the TV-time out portion, here we have the members of the Justice League and Titans together gracing the same pages – but why?

Well, it’s Flash, Wally West, Aquaman, Donna Troy, Wonder Woman, Batman and Nightwing to be exact. Our heroes have been transported in an undisclosed location with no recollection of how they got there and no way out. The emphasis of this issue is somehow, all eight super heroes to come together and work as a team. Writer Dan Abnett makes distinct differences in personality between the two teams. The Justice League, the vigorous and sometimes grumpy (looking at you, Batman) four some tries to assert their dominance early on the situation taking control. The titans, the more youthful and glee of the bunch has more of an emphasis on comradely based on the instances that they have grown together. The Titans are a bit more upbeat to where the Justice League are more cautious and business oriented.

With our villain, The Key – there’s a greater purpose for him that especially reveals itself at the end of the issue. Apart from mentioning utilizing the brain power of superheros, there’s little else to reveal the overall plan – albeit, probably intentionally . Key’s spends the duration of the first issue trying to drive a wedge between the group from a mental standpoint, If he can break them mentally, then the gem of what he’s trying to gain will come to fruition. There’s a dynamic of student vs pupil that creates some issues, but it is good to see each counterpart interact with the other, no matter where we are in the overall story line. These veterans are of course, earth’s mightiest heroes, but the Titans can hold their own as well. This story line takes a turn where you find out Donna Troy’s origin where in any other circumstance, it would destroy a weaker superhero faction. Everybody manages to rally around each other.

Overall, this is a good starting point to something that will surely grow throughout the latter issues of DC rebirth. We are kept in the dark for the most part in regards to the evil plan, but as chaotic has this event has been – you know something big is coming.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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