Review: Transformers: Lost Light #4

James Roberts continues to hit another home run with the ongoing tale of our crew, lost in an alternate reality where, they won’t ever exist. Oh, dear, Rung is in trouble. How did this mild mannered therapist get into this mess?

This is the story when some overzealous despots really want to figure out what someone transforms into, and the TFWiki hasn’t been invented. Megatron earns his Autobot badge, Rodimus learns to stop and think instead of rush and act… until the first goes out the window and the latter winds up being useful.

The other half of the tale involves KillMaster, or MurderKing, or UltraDeathLord, or let’s just call him big giant Decepticon whose sole purpose is to kill and kill you again, against a cynic and a warrior. There is a subplot about compassion, and dare I say, love. This one will either gain the reader’s sympathy, or raise an eyebrow in confusion. Which is okay, because this is a story which entertains, and is also hard to figure out what comes next.

Jack Lawrence and Joana Lafuente continue on the great style of the characters, and yet, Rodimus seems to be portrayed as the childish goof, and it works.

Issue #5 promises some major action and major moves, next month can’t get here fast enough.