Review: Transformers: Optimus Prime #4

Turn the dial up to 11. The boom drops and Michael Bay was not needed for any surplus explosions.

The Junkions have let loose their wild card, the Sharkticons. Autobots are on the defensive, G.I. Joe continue fighting although all seems lost, while Soundwave finally uses his secret weapon. This issue is all battle, not just with guns, but the powers of faith and words.

With each issue, the progression of character development continues its ascent, and my guess is towards something big. We have Optimus and Pyra Magna appearing to understand the other, the Junkions plan goes into full-effect, the flash-to-the-past parallel comes clearer into view, and finally, Arcee, a character earning mixed feelings from this reader, suddenly now has my sympathy as I expect something down in the spark to emerge.

While I have been a skeptic of the artwork since issue #1, I have however gained an appreciation into the parallels from past and present, and how the artwork shows the all-too-familiar similarities in wartime. This issue, really tied it together, and artwork appeared to show a clarity to the story. The grittiest of choices being made in the past, and how similar choices are shown through the same artwork by Kei Sama in the present.

The artwork this issue reminds me of the work of Andrew Wildman during his Marvel UK run.

Next issue is going to be explosive, and Michael Bay might learn a thing or two.