Review: Transformers: Till All Are One #8

Things are not going well for Windblade, and writer Mairghread Scott keeps all eyes forward on an issue with some very scary consequences for those who try to take on more power than they can handle. The awakening of a Titan shows its true colors, and perhaps once in a while it is OK to listen to the warnings of a crazy warlord.

While the war on the ground rages, the main battle is between Windblade and the Titan she wakes, only to find the Titan is not as accommodating as she might have hoped. Additionally, the name drop of an unknown evil from Generation 2, yes, that G2, back from the 90’s, will put a sharp exclamation point on the sense of urgency from the Cybertronian defensive. In fact, if you look closely at the subscription cover drawn by Priscilla Tramontano, it is a clue to this forgotten nemesis of Cybertronian history.

The sub-lot with Chromia also progresses, showing how the once-enforcer is reduced to a humble and humiliated state, helpless to interfere.

Artwork by Sara Pitre-Durocher shows the sense of urgency and flows well between pages. Joana LaFuente’s colors a bright and powerful through each panel.

Major events are happening, and next issue I believe will not disappoint.