The Flash – Abra Kadabra’s Greatest Trick Was Saving Season Four

The Flash — “Abra Kadabra” — FLA318b_0351b.jpg — Pictured: David Dastmalchian as Abra Kadabra — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

One sentence in this week’s episode has my attention, so real quick I am going to list some bullet points on the episode and then get to the important stuff.

Barry was unusually good at using his powers this week.

I criticize Barry constantly for being useless when it comes to actually being the Flash. He forgets all of his abilities besides running and even frequently needs people to remind him to run so I was pleasantly surprised this week when Barry successfully apprehended Abra Kadabra twice. Once he just ran up on him with cuffs. Nice. The second time he phased through a moving vehicle and caught him. Double nice.

I do not understand why Caitlin turns evil as Killer Frost. Not one bit.

No other meta behaves that way. They just get superpowers and live their lives. Why does Caitlin “turn evil”? Is it because Killer Frost on Earth-2 was evil? Then why wasn’t Cisco evil when he got his powers? It’s just a silly way to justify turning her into a villain, is all.

Cisco needs to ease up on Gypsy.

There is a time and a place for everything. Maybe the time to inquire about whether Gypsy was single or not isn’t when she’s telling you about her dead partner. Just a thought.

Julian needs to tone down the Britishness.

I know what you’re saying. “But he is British.” I get that but why does he have to speak like a British person from the 1700s? I know plenty of British people. None of them say “well done” and “jolly good” as much as Julian does. And no British person would ever end a Monty Python quote with “as the Monty Python boys would say.”

Does HR not know what a hospital bed is?

Clearly, HR is a dummy but how does he see a person in a hospital gown laying on a hospital bed and not understand what is going on.

Joe made the right/wrong call.

Everyone on the show can and should blame Joe for Abra Kadabra escaping but since there weren’t any huge repercussions, it isn’t a big deal. Sure, Caitlin almost died, but she was able to talk Julian through her surgery and is now much better. In retrospect, Joe’s decision made complete sense and he shouldn’t feel guilt.

But now Caitlin is evil and it’s all his fault. Whoops. I can’t wait for Season Four when Joe is the one being talked to in the hallway.

Is Abra Kadabra dead?

Didn’t love him. Didn’t hate him. Kadabra was quite quirky but what do you expect from an evil magician? And at the end of the episode, Gypsy took him through the portal back to Earth-19 so does that mean he is going to be executed? That seems like the kind of thing Barry and company would be uncool with but I guess since Cisco wants to put the moves on the guardian of the multiverse, Kadabra has to go.

Credit where credit is due.

Even though I found the Killer Frost scene pointless and poorly written, Carlos and Tom acted the pants off of it.

“…and Devoe”

This is that interesting sentence from the top of the article.

Fans of the show have, quite justifiably, been annoyed with some aspects of Season Three. The first season was able to craft an interesting mystery around a speedster villain and it made sense that the Flash writers would try to use that same formula to base the next season on. But when that led to an unsatisfying season finale, it seemed like they had learned their lesson. Alchemy seemed like the villain pulling all of the strings and that was all well and good until another mystery speedster showed up who was just faster than Barry.

This weekend at Pallyfest, the Flash creative team confirmed that next season’s big bad would not be another speedster and Kadabra seemed to double confirm that idea. When listing off Flash’s biggest rivals Kadabra names Thawne, Zoom, and someone called “Devoe” whose name lines up with a character named The Thinker. And that would be a good choice.

The Thinker is pure mastermind. He doesn’t run fast. All the Thinker cares about is planning and execution. Since Grodd seems like too much of a CGI headache and who the hell knows what deal is with Cold, Devoe is really the only character left to turn solo acts like Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Boomerang, Top, Shade, Magenta, and King Shark into a team. The true formation of the Rogues is the best hope of saving this very precarious show.

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