Exclusive Video Premiere: “Burn,” the Debut Single from HOLDN

We have been given the honor of premiering the debut single and music video from rising pop artist HOLDN.

The video for “BURN” is dizzying, raw, and frenetic, a perfect match for the artist’s intense, boisterous musical stylings. We are especially thrilled to have gotten a few words from the artist herself on her creative process and inspiration for the single and video.

We asked HOLDN about what inspired her first single.

About the single, ‘BURN’: 

“I am this weird, contradiction of a person. I am outgoing, I am happy, I am generous, yet when l dig into myself to write about my experiences in the rawest form, I am fragile, I am selfish, I am introverted. Writing this song was a liberating experience because I felt as if I was finally being 100% honest with my life experiences instead of masking them in a way that only I could know what exactly the situation is. With ‘BURN’, I allowed myself to talk about the way someone walked out of my life, but stayed close enough to be able to throw the match and “watch me burn.”

“It’s a dark, exaggerated image, but it’s exactly what I was feeling. I felt as if I was drowning and someone who was standing miles away was somehow still holding me under the water. It’s a relatable feeling whether it’s a relationship, a job, a friendship, financial burden, etc. We’ve all felt as if someone was pouring gasoline on the fire and watching what we cared about go up in flames.”

About channeling inspiration:

“I’ve been kicked when I’m down over and over again more than I’d like to admit while trying to create and make my first step back into music. I learned to be patient and stand my ground and not settle for anything less than what I have envisioned. Who wants to release something to the world that doesn’t accurately display and convey their message? Certainly not me!”

“This writing process allowed me to channel all of the inspiration I’ve gained from being suppressed, silenced, talked down to, denied, and disrespected. Negativity was spinning around in my head, so I spun it into songs that will make any guilty conscience question whether or not I wrote about them. Music is my way of talking about things I still refuse to talk about. I create these little loopholes for myself to allow these thoughts and feelings to flow out of me. This is my safe place within an unsafe place where everyone is looking to take what they can from you and run away with it, but I hope to provide an unconditional safe place for others to turn to within my music.”

Check out the exclusive video below:

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