Wrestlemania 33 Predictions: Triple H vs. Seth Rollins – Unsanctioned Match

Written by John Lister

Wrestlemania 33 Predictions: Triple H vs. Seth Rollins – The Game vs. The Architect

Seth Rollins vs. HHH Unsanctioned/No Holds Barred/Falls Count Anywhere/Hardcore/Last Man Standing/lost track of what kind of match this is.

The match that has been (slowly/ever so slowly) in the making since the day after Summerslam. This match represents the best and worst of what the WWE has to offer. On the worst side, same old tired story line. People in power abusing their authority. Rebel stands up and demands redemption and revenge. Done over and over there are too many examples to list. Then I think back to when HHH went on and on about he’s now, “creating talent.” Seems to be working wonders. Take a look at some of the biggest matches at this year’s WM. You have Goldberg, Brock, Taker, HHH, in the biggest matches. If you’re busy creating talent, why are AARP members headlining your marquee event, Mr. McMahon-in-law?

Okay, enough with the negatives. On to the positives. If HHH has kept himself in wrestling shape, this match could be insane. Both of these wrestlers through the years have put their bodies in danger to very high levels. In an unsanctioned match, this could go anywhere in the stadium and practically anything can and will be used in that stadium. It will be absolute carnage involving someone who went hardcore toe-to-toe with Mick Foley and the other competitor has the potential to be the next CM Punk. In the end, if WWE has half a brain (debatable) Rollins is victorious and this catapults him back into the title chase.

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