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Archer Dreamland is the Perfect Blend of Noir and Classic Archer Hilarity

This isn't a dream because Archer is back!

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Archer Dreamland is the Perfect Blend of Noir and Classic Archer Hilarity

Archer is back and he’s just dreamy…

The adventures of the world’s greatest spy/drug dealer/private investigator is back, but this time things are a little stranger than usual for our friend Archer.

After last seasons Figgis Agency fiasco, we were left with a doozy of a cliffhanger as (SPOILER) Archer is left supposedly dead in the pool of a movie star’s mansion. While waiting months to find out what happens to our darling Sterling, we finally find that Archer lived and is merely in a coma having some rather colorful dreams.

This season is a different approach to any Archer season we have seen before as this season takes place completely in the comatose mind of Sterling Archer as he sets out to avenge the death of his partner Woodhouse (who sadly died in the real plot of the show as the voice actor of the character passed last year) in a film noir type world.

Within the imagining of the characters in different roles, we see a different side to each of the main cast while still maintaing the funny edge each unique individual possesses. The writing is still on point, the jokes always land, and oddly enough the emotional levels for the cartoon are higher than ever.

Side note, I just have to say watching everyone cry in the opening funeral scene for Woodhouse actually broke me and was so well designed it was simply one of the most perfect scenes in Archer history. Here’s a bowl of spider-webs for you old buddy.

However, something may cause trouble for the show/season in the long run…

The idea itself.

The idea, while interesting and a fresh approach to the Archer universe, seems like it could die off at any moment as in having the audience grow impatient with discontinuity and no forward moving plot.

Even while the plot and fun film noir setting took place, and my side kept hurting from laughing so much, I kept asking myself, “So when does he wake up?”

This is something that could really slow down the show’s momentum and title as being a show that matures like a fine wine, only getting better with age.

All in all, the characters are truly at their finest this season. Hopefully the show ventures between the real world and the dream world for continuity sake, and to keep interest in the plot itself, but as long as I’m laughing I’m sure the audience won’t mind too much. So sit down, relax, and enter the danger zone known as Archer: Dreamland.


Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove
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