Review: Berserk, ‘Banner of the Flying Sword’

Written by Rachel Freeman

Berserk Season 2 – Episode 3 – Banner of the Flying Sword

There are few ways to start off an episode that are greater than an immediate sword to the face. And that’s exactly what we get to start off the episode. Without the slightest warning, Griffith just thrusts his sword through a Lord’s eye and thereby, his face. His demonic band appears one by one: Zodd, Raksas, Grunbeld and Naga. All three are legends, known for their ability to kill thousands of men on their own. And that’s exactly what they do. It’s a bloody scene, but it is clear that Griffith’s men are exerting little to no effort while they slash through countless soldiers.

Then we find Guts. While Griffith, the Hawk of Light, is shedding mass amount of blood, Guts, the Black Swordsman, is sitting in the light of the sunset. The scene is incredibly peaceful and the contrast between the two is significant. Everyone still thinks Griffith is the one meant to bring peace, that was his original prophecy. But that prophecy is long dead. Despite his wariness, Guts accepts Lady Farnese and Serpico to join him. I think it’s mainly for Casca though. Her mental state has only worsened and she’s back to fearing Guts, so he needs someone who can watch her and keep her safe.

During this time, Griffith has charged into another battle, where he meets a young boy, Mule Wolflame, who for unknown reasons is leading an army against Kushans. After the battle, Sonia shows Mule around. Despite a battle just taking place, people are laughing and smiling, which Sonia attributes to Lord Griffith. Sidenote: I’m pretty sure Sonia is insane. Anyway, Mule sees among Griffith’s army, not only their hated enemy, Kushans, but also actual demons. He is initially cautious and unnerved by all of this. He doesn’t trust it. And yet, in a brief moment, he meets Griffith and as soon as Griffith speaks, it’s as if Mule suddenly loses all of his doubts and submits his sword to Griffith and his cause. Yeah. That’s not totally sketch or anything.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It was mainly focused on Griffith, we got like 10 minutes of face time with Guts, but we got to see what Griffith has been doing this whole time. Liberating the people. Or so he says. Despite his promise of peace and the smiles on people’s faces, nothing around Griffith feels peaceful. Certainly not the bloodshed. I rate this episode:

Rating: 8.5 /10.

Guts is going to be back in action next episode though, and that is what we have been waiting for.