Review: Super Sons #3

Written by Andrew Fontana

Third issues of a new series are a tricky thing. Being that most arcs and miniseries stretch over four or five issues, it’s on the third where a creative team either hits it’s stride or drops the ball. Third issues, while usually not much on their own, can color the perception of prior and succeeding issues, and sometimes the book as a whole. Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jiminez’s third issue of Super Sons is ironclad proof that Jon Kent and Damien Wayne are in good hands.

Tomasi excels at mining all he can out of Superboy and Robin’s tenuous partnership. Seeing these young scions work out the kinks of superhero-ing is the narrative meat of the issue, and Tomasi delivers that in spades. Superno the  villain isn’t bad either, but what background the reader is given isn’t enough to make him compelling.

There is plenty of action this issue for Jiminez to work with, and his pencils don’t disappoint. The choreography of his fights are heavily stylish yet easy to follow. Combined with the bright colors, his art leaps off the page. His pencils are a perfect fit for the Tomasi is striving for.

Super Sons #3 Rating: 8.5

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