Review: Super Sons #4

Written by Andrew Fontana

Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jiminez bring their first arc to a fun, satisfying conclusion that solidifies Super Sons as one of the best books to come out of Rebirth. Tomasi excels at exploring the fledgling partnership between Robin and Superboy.

That relationship is wisely the focus of Super Sons #4, as the tension between these young scions and their respective views on crime fighting becomes evident. They share a sibling-like dynamic that Tomasi mirrors through the horrible antics of Kid Amazo, whose desire to perfect his family put him on the road to villainy. The actual showdown with Kid Amazo was a bit of a let down, but Tomasi’s light tone and humorous dialogue keeps things moving.

All the action Tomasi puts in this issue is brought to life by Jiminez’s dynamic pencils.  Jiminez, much like Humberto Ramos, gives his characters a stylish fluidity that has much in common with the artwork seen in anime. That type of artwork is certainly an appropriate fit for this issue. There are  occasions, however, where the artwork is cluttered and a little difficult to follow.

Super Sons #4 Rating: 8 out of 10