Six Celebrities We’d Like to See Run for President in 2020

Last week, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced he is seriously considering making a presidential run in 2020. Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he seemed to back up this statement.

Given the fact our current president spent years on television as the star of NBC’s The Apprentice, appeared in films such as Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and has made numerous appearances on WWE television (including taking one of the worst Stone Cold Stunners of all-time), The Rock’s announcement is that crazy.

So we got to thinking, who would we like to see make a run for president in 2020? So we did what any good pop culture site would do…we made a list. So here it is…

Six Celebrities We’d Like to See Run for President in 2020

Chuck Norris — Daryn Kirscht

Carlos “Chuck” Norris has been a pop culture icon for decades. He has become the classic example of pure heroism and patriotism in film and television for iconic, action-star roles, such as Walker, Texas Ranger and Missing in Action. With all Chuck Norris jokes put aside, Norris is the type of celebrity that would be perfect for the duty and responsibility of being our President.

As witnessed by the most recent election, America is ready to give candidates with no prior political experience a chance for office. Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, he became the Republican Party nominee and, eventually, President (and nobody truly knows if Dwayne Johnson and Kanye West will run for office next). Although Norris did try to help Mike Huckabee gain the Republican Party nomination in 2007 (with no success), he has never otherwise engaged in politics, which might be something Americans might be looking for. With his pop culture image exuding justice and genuine sympathy while doing the right thing, that would make him a person that others might want to rally behind and support.

I realize that Norris would likely choose to run as a Republican, which means he wouldn’t be able to run for office in 2020. To further dispute my own claim, Chuck Norris is also in his upper 70s, so it’s not like he can wait around forever to do so. But you know what? He is Chuck Norris, so instead of waiting, what if he created his own political party – perhaps, the Norris Party?  It’s worth a shot, right?


No. 2 should be No. 1.

Derek Jeter should run for president in 2020. Who better than the classiest, most professional, most media-savvy, most polished athlete to be borne out of New York?

Jeter has always exhibited grace and style. He has a small town boyish charm combined with the powerhouse abilities associated with being a child of New York. He always handled the media respectfully, and now as an ensuing businessman as the potential owner of the Florida Marlins, knows how to handle money well. He is a consummate professional, being as gracious with the youngest Yankees fans as he is with his opponents (anyone associated with the Boston Red Sox). He is cool and calm under pressure and has a strong competitive nature. He wants to win, and guaranteed, he will fight for the safety and security of this country.

Jeter has strong family values which undoubtedly are an asset. Much to the chagrin of females around the world (myself included) he will be a father soon, adding to the already seemingly perfect list of attractive qualities he possesses. Plus, he is handsome ala John F. Kennedy.

My vote would 1,000 percent for Derek Jeter. In the meantime, I’m throwing my hat into the ring for the position of First Lady.


There’s a reason that, after a twenty-year career and nine seasons hosting his titular Drag Race, RuPaul has finally entered the public consciousness in a big way. An actor, singer, model, game show host, podcaster, and all-around inspirational figure, RuPaul has been an icon in the LGBTQ+ community for quite some time, and is starting to make an impression on straight viewers as well (as seen in this hilarious SNL sketch). We can use his unique brand of positivity and assuredness in the White House (even if we really don’t need another game show host living in there).

If you aren’t already on the RuPaul train, now is the time to hop aboard. After eight successful seasons on Logo, RuPaul’s Drag Race has made the move to VH1, where it has seen terrific ratings and helped the show evolve from niche classic to all-around blockbuster. Coming off a fresh Emmy win, and recently named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, the world is finally starting to see RuPaul for the role model that he is. Perhaps no one on television is more comfortable in their shoes than RuPaul is, both in and out of drag, and his charm and self-love is so infectious that it’s impossible to not feel good after seeing him onscreen.

It only takes one episode of Drag Race to see what kind of optimism would exude from a RuPaul White House. In between the competition and occasional shade, Drag Race is a show about positivity and support, with the contestants frequently putting aside their differences and, under RuPaul’s guidance, showing support for any hardships their competitors may have faced. Unlike some other reality shows, where everyone looks like a model and diversity is scarce, Drag Race celebrates people of every color, shape, age, and gender identity. And, while I can’t speak to RuPaul’s skills as a lawmaker or political leader, I do think our nation can use some of the solidarity that is exhibited on his show every Friday night. And there’s no need to worry about RuPaul being a “coastal elite”: when he’s not hosting his award-winning reality show, he is operating a 50,000-acre farm with his husband in Wyoming. He’s a part of middle America too, and a true drag queen for the

For the uninitiated, every Drag Race episode ends with RuPaul’s famous line, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?” Now I’d salute any flag with that on it.

Photo Credit: Jeff Crespi

Bruce Springsteen – Bill Bodkin

I am required by the laws of the state of New Jersey (the homeless of this site) to include Bruce Springsteen in this post. If I do not I will beaten unmercifully with the box set of The River.

If you thought the liberal side of America was incensed by Donald Trump not only running for president, but winning…imagine the conservative uproar if that “limousine liberal” Bruce Springsteen ran for office..and won. They would absolutely lose their minds.

In all seriousness, for a musician who is so outspoken politically, it’d be refreshing to see Springsteen make a run at the big time. Could he actually do it? Would he put his money where his mouth is? What would his agenda be? Would we all have to buy his new album? Would his ticket prices actually become affordable? Okay, that wasn’t serious. However, I’d like to see what he’d have to say. Would I agree with him? Not sure. But for someone who talks a big game, but never dips his toe in the political arena, it’d be highly intriguing to see if The Boss could actually be The Boss.

Tom Hanks – Kimberlee Rossi-Fuchs

In a world where countrymen, neighbors, friends, and families are irrevocably divided along political lines…a world in which watching your opinionated, ignorant Republican uncle feud with your smug, ill-informed liberal cousin on Facebook has long ceased being entertaining…a world where it’s increasingly impossible to discern real news from fake news from science fiction…When chaos is the new world order, ONE man will stand up and become the unifying force to lead us towards a brighter future as one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Coming fall 2020 – America will come together and choose the hero it needs. Tom Hanks is Mr. President.

If you were making a movie about a heroic US President who brings the nation together after a time of great turmoil, WHO ELSE would you cast besides the universally beloved Tom Hanks? Affable, charming, intelligent, and witty, Hanks just radiates a likeability that appeals across party lines and though a long-time Democrat, he’s never adopted that irritatingly smug, condescending, and alienating “vote for my candidate b/c I’m a cool celebrity and I know more than you” stance all too common to the Democratic Party’s celebrity supporters. Outside of an alien invasion, the undeniable charm of President Hanks is the most surefire way to unite the divided populace – and shit, during an alien invasion, he’d be pretty good, too – comforting and reassuring, like your grandfather’s sweater, but in command and capable of getting shit done, like real-life hero Captain Chesley Sullenburger (whom, OF COURSE, Tom Hanks was chosen to play in Sully because again, WHO ELSE?).

Hanks has demonstrated an ability to meaningfully connect to and forge a deep relationship with a goddamn volleyball so just imagine the symbiotic relationships he could forge with political leaders across the world!  And just as an added bonus, there’s Rita Wilson, the most delightfully fun and sassy broad to preside as FLOTUS since drunken Betty Ford! So, please Tom, run in 2020. America will T.Hank you for it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda – Matt Taylor

Let’s get one thing straight: celebrities should not be running for President. But, if celebrities are going to entertain the idea of running for office, I’d like them to at least exhibit an unquestionable knowledge of political gamesmanship and American history. And there’s one celebrity who I think might understand our government more than our current administration: Lin-Manuel Miranda.

One can surmise that Miranda would be a socially progressive candidate, who would take steps to ensure that women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community are protected under the law. His lyrics, while both catchy and clever, are also filled with positive messages (“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. And when I met Thomas Jefferson, Ima compel him to include women in the sequel. Werk!”). He’s also, obviously, a compassionate man, as proven by his powerful speech at last year’s Tony Awards, and his Twitter account is a beacon of popularity in these dark times. I miss having a President that made me feel optimistic and proud of my country and I’d love it if someone, anyone, in the White House reminded me of how hardworking the American people can be as Miranda does everyday.

But there’s a reason Hamilton is called “An American Musical.” Over the course of two-and-a-half hours, Miranda explores both the origins of America, and draws parallels to modern issues. This explains Hamilton’s innovative and oft-celebrated race-blind casting: it helps create a connection between the men and women who first traveled to America for a better life, and the men and women who immigrate to America today for the opportunities it provides. While our current administration demonizes immigrants, Miranda empathizes with them, and uses his music to help listeners experience life through another point of view. And, while we don’t need a celebrity in the White House, we do need someone who cares about all American citizens, and wants to help other Americans connect with them.

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