Review: The Hellblazer #10

Written by Sheena Fisher

We enter this issue with Mercury trying to get stronger. This issue opens up on her asking how a Djinn could be captured. She also discovers that Solomon has been building a time machine. There’s a lot going on in this issue. I hope I can keep up.

So, Mercury and Constantine are still in Paris investigating in The Smokeless Fire Part 4. The couple makes their way to a seedy club when Mercury uses her telepathy. “..It’s been a trick, we’ve been setup!” she declares. It is soon revealed to Constantine that this club is crawling with Lycans. Yes, werewolves.

The Lycan’s herd Mercury and Constantine to their feeding ground. They are interested in a journal. Unfortunately for them Constantine doesn’t have any information to share. Luckily for Mercury and Constantine Midnite calls off the dogs. We discover that Midnite is the leader of the Lycan’s now. Although Midnite himself is not a Lycan, well he killed the previous leader. But, Misabel set up this lovely trap for Constantine.

We also see some banter between Midnite and Constantine because of their previous work together. Seems to be a running thing with Mercury. They run into a former Constantine companion, said former companion gives advice. It’s almost predictable to Mercury at this point.

Near the end of this tale we find out that Constantine is using a summoning spell to bring a person to him. Don’t worry it’s not the flying shoe spell this time. But, there is a shoe involved. Oh, and a public bathroom is involved in the spell as well. This was actually my favorite part of the comic because it was the most Constantine part to me. Of course there’s also more story line about someone wanting John dead. The usual.

Ok, so this issue was a little hard for me to follow. It jumped around a bit. But, it seems like the story is getting more cohesive from issue #9. I’m hoping the story keeps improving.

Hellblazer #10 Rating: 6/10

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