Review: Suicide Squad #18

Written by Andrew Fontana

Suicide Squad #18 is an action packed throwdown between a very angry General Zod and his snarky would-be  compatriots. That’s pretty much all this issue  contains, but its damn fun regardless. Rob Williams  treats Zod like a 90’s b level action movie villian, replete with ridiculous one liners and over-the-top threats. Much of the script gives off the same vibe. Indeed, Williams keeps things pretty light throughout. His script is full of bombastic action, giving his characters little time to breath. That lack of any substantial narrative meat makes this issue feel like filler despite plenty of action, even if it does set up the issues to come.

The appeal of this issue mostly comes from strong the strong character work and muscular choreography of Tony Daniel. He’s become the go-to artist for drawing action, and he doesn’t disappoint this issue. Daniel takes the violence in Williams’ script and gives it a truly cinematic look.

Rating: 7.0