Foo Fighters Surprise Music World with New Single, ‘Run’

Foo Fighters Run Single Cover

The Foo Fighters surprised the music world today (June 1) with the release of their new single ‘Run.’ There had been no advance warning or hype about the song’s release — it literally fell into everyone’s laps as they commuted to work (on the East Coast), or were still asleep (on the West Coast).

The song came with a brand new video directed by the band’s lead singer, Dave Grohl. In typical Foo Fighters fashion, the video was filled with comedic elements, and the band getting dressed up as various unusual characters.

This time around the Foos were a band of elderly musicians performing for, and then inciting a group of senior citizens at a nursing home. The song ‘Run’ inspires the home’s residents to attack their nurses and guards, and hit the streets to wild out.

The song is a combination of classic Foo melody, and unflinching hard rock with tinges of metal and hardcore attached to it. It’s not your typical Foos single, which makes it that much better.

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