Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 9: Fails to Live Up to Epicness of Episodes 7 and 8

Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 9: Opening

Sheena Fisher

Okay guys, so we just saw some action-driven and crazy stuff in the last few episodes. Eren was fighting the armored titan while the colossal titan did a swan dive beside his friends. Hanji also talked to Eren in titan form which lets the viewers know that he’s getting more control of his titan form. And, we also see the armored titan run off with Ymir and Eren.

Mikasa being the amazing bad ass that she is wakes up from her concussion with only Eren on her mind. In this episode she and Armin are hot on their trail with Hannes. In case you missed it they have a connection going back to when they were all really young so this is important that Hannes is keeping Mikasa from raging out about Eren being kidnapped. Hopefully in the next episode we do get to see Mikasa rage out and save Eren…anyway.

Bertholdt and Reiner have taken Ymir and Eren to a small forest far away from all of the walls. Ymir and Eren are both missing limbs. They basically yell at each other for 4 hours while waiting on the sun to set. We get some answers about the titans thanks to Ymir putting things together in her head. And, we find out Reiner is having an identity crisis between being a soldier and a warrior. That was obvious a few episodes ago when he just tells Eren he’s the colossal titan.

This episode was a lot of yelling back and forth. A few answers, and even more questions. I think it was definitely important to the series, but we’ve been spoiled by episodes 7 and 8 with action and a fast pace. This episode had a few moments that lagged. I mean I LOVE plot points and learning truths, and I LOVE what this is leading up to.

That being said my score is a 7/10.

Rachel Freeman

Following their big reveal, Reiner and Bertholdt have taken Eren and Ymir deep into the Titan infested forest. It is here you’d start thinking we’d finally start getting some answers from the two. But you’d be wrong. Not only do we not get any kind of answers to anything: where they come from, who the Monkey is, why they want Eren and Ymir, etc. To top it off, Reiner is suffering what seems to be a complete psychotic breakdown, which just further makes us ask, why? Why are they doing this?

Meanwhile, Eren and Ymir are still re-growing body parts they lost in battle and therefore, are unable to make any kind of attempt at escape. All they can do is wait and, according to Eren, “try and get information”, which they don’t get. Even Ymir is questioned about her purpose, which she continues to remain silent about.

This episode is 80% Eren lecturing Reiner and Bertholdt about what shitty people they are, 10% Ymir making accurate statements at Reiner which only make him angrier, and 10% watching Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of their Scout Regime ride their horses to the forest. Ultimately, as much as I enjoyed Eren’s crazy-realization face and Reiner’s dual personality, the episode was utterly lacking, especially compared to the epicness we got from Episodes 7 and 8.

Overall Score: 6 / 10

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