Podcast: Breaking Down The Wonders and Blunders of Wonder Woman

It’s been a long and winding road, but Wonder Woman has finally arrived.  Not only was there a lot of hype surrounding this film, but it seemed to carry the weight of the world on its shoulders.  Not only did Wonder Woman hold the hopes and dreams of being the first movie from the DCEU to not have a divisive/negative reaction, but the character is by far the most iconic female superhero there is.  That’s a lot of pressure.  

Warner Brothers and fans got their wish.  Wonder Woman has been met with pure adulation from fans and critics alike.  The box office is kicking ass.  A sequel has already been announced.  To borrow a phrase from The Simpsons: “Everything’s coming up Milhouse!”

All of this is discussed on the latest Breakcast.  Film Editor Daniel Cohen and Senior Staff Writer Marisa Carpico break down all things Wonder Woman.  They discuss the performances.  Patty Jenkins.  What they loved.  What could have been better.  Discussions are had about previous DCEU movies.  The superhero genre.  They debate some of the finer points of Wonder Woman’s character, Etta Candy and what this means for female superheroes going forward.

Towards the end, they also get into what’s next for the DCEU, specifically Wonder Woman, and what they’d like to see in the sequel.

It’s an WONDERFUL (I went there) 90 minutes of podcasting excellence!  

FULL SPOLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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