Review: Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 10: Children

Attack on Titan Season 2 – Episode 10: Children

Sheena Fisher

This episode is all about Ymir. Our mysterious lady titan that loves Christa dearly reveals more of her back story to us. We also learn a little bit more about Conny’s village. And, we learn a little bit more about the titans in general. Let’s being by talking about Conny’s village. Some of the scouts returned to the Conny’s hometown. They again mention no blood, horses still in the stable, and they find that mysterious titan that’s in Conny’s home. This time they have a family portrait and compare Conny’s mom and the titan side-by-side. As you guessed, there is definitely a resemblance. I’m sticking by my belief that everyone in town just woke up as titans one day and walked out of the city. Well, all but one, and just as this titan in Conny’s house trying to stand, we go back to the forest where the warriors are planning their next moves.

As the warriors are deciding whether to move during the day and risk attack from titans, we learn a lot of Ymir’s past. She was an orphan and lived a life that was an utter lie, much like Christa. After being adopted by what appears to be an underground cult she pretends to have the “blood of the king coursing through her veins.” She even has followers that whole-heartedly believe this. And, she pays dearly for this lie. With her life, but she becomes a titan somehow after her human form dies. And, she admits that she was a titan for 60 years before becoming human again and finding Christa. So many reveals.

Ymir has decided to team with Bertholdt and Reiner. They promised Christa protection in the last episode and Reiner also admitted feelings for her. Obviously Ymir loves Christa far more than Reiner can comprehend. The warriors decide they’re going to move Eren and Ymir during the day. As the move is occurring Ymir can sense that Christa came to rescue her. Reiner and Bertholdt try to convince her they can get Christa at a later time. But, Ymir is strong and smart. She decides right then and there she is getting the woman she loves and taking her with them if the warriors agree or not.

Ymir is a force to be reckoned with. She wins this argument. I wonder if we’ll see Annie in the next episode. I am looking forward to seeing the warrior’s hometown. I loved Ymir’s back story, the reveals, and just enough action to not be slow.

My rating is 8.5/10

Rachel Freeman

As Sheena said, this is a very Ymir episode. Again. However, on top of that, we get a little more about why Christa, a rather irrelevant character through season 1, is so important. Reiner doesn’t say much, but what he does reveal is “She’s an important person in a family of the Church.” Put that together with the past episode where she basically says she’s the bastard child of a Noble family. We don’t know which family. But I’m sensing a revolution brewing, so they need someone with royal blood leading the way. That’s how these things usually pan out at least.

Conveniently for Ymir, the person she loves is of interest to Reiner and Bertholdt and whatever their mission is, so she is much more cooperative in comparison to Eren, who will keep fighting until he can’t anymore. That’s who he is and it’s why Mikasa, Armin, and Hannes are racing against the clock to get there before Eren can no longer fight (he’s still weak and his arms are still nubs). Even though Titans begin to approach the Scouts, there still really isn’t any fighting.

I won’t go deep into detail about Ymir’s badassery, but I will say, we may know how Abnormal Titans turn human again. Nothing is said outright, but during her flashback, it’s pretty heavily implied what the answer is. It also makes us wonder more about how many Titans were originally humans. It could be that every Titan in existence was once a human who was unable to turn back to a human and regain their conscience. Which is SUPER depressing! But also really cool. I know it wouldn’t make for an entertaining show, but I think a lot less people could have died if Reiner and Bertholdt would just tell Christa what’s happening. She’d probably have just agreed to go with them. But they have to be all secretive and “you’ll know later”. Like. No. Just fucking tell me now, then I can make a logical and educated decision.

Anyway. Yet again, we are lacking action. I’m also getting bummed on the lack of Levi. We’re getting towards the middle of the season (if it’s 25 episodes like Season 1) so the middle talk-a-thon should be rounding up soon and the action should start up again.

Overall, despite the lack of actual attacks on titans, I agree that this episode deserves an 8.5 / 10

I’ve been getting pretty board with the flashbacks to be honest, but I have been INCREDIBLY curious about Ymir’s. It did not disappoint. Her backstory is intense and it’s her backstory that makes this episode awesome.

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