Review: Harley Quinn #21

By: Sheena Fisher

We pick up right where Madame Macabre left off. Like, why she felt a need to kidnap Harley’s crush and his mom. We learn a little more about bat-lady. And, we learn quite a bit about Red Tool. First things first, let’s talk about Madame Macabre.

Madame Macabre is pissed at Harley because she believes Harley placed her at Arkham Asylum somehow. Even to me that makes no sense, but to Madame Macabre its motive to kidnap people. As we know she’s been broken out of Arkham, and she’s been trying to find ways to punish Harley ever since. This issue is a lot of Harley getting set-up.  Even Mason tries to talk some sense into Madame Macabre. Of course she’s having none of that. At least she’s feeding him and his mom.

Onto the next possible set-up of Harley, bat-lady comes flying right back at her after Harley shoots her far away in the roof catapult. Some more epic fighting between the two happens and they somehow are both stunned. They awaken later in what appears to be an interrogation room. Both are bound, and a mysterious voice comes over an intercom telling bat-lady the not only does he know her identity, but that she’s from the future, and that he is soon going to kill her great-great-grandfather (not sure if that’s even the right amount of great’s) to see if she disappears out of existence. I don’t want to reveal a ton, but I will tell you that you get to learn a lot about her and Red Tool.

While this craziness is going on Harley is mainly concerned about her apartment being clean since her parents are on their way to visit. Again, they have no idea she’s working with the mayor or that she’s Harley Quinn. Luckily for her she wakes up groggy in a nicely cleaned apartment. Wonder how that could have happened…hmm. I’m sure it’s Red Tool, he’s obsessed with her enough to clean up all the animal poo.

Anyway, let’s visit classic Harl’s and Joker in Harley Loves Joker Part Five. Joker has hired a person to track down the mysterious foe that’s been knocking off all his targets. Unfortunately for him the photos are super blurry. Harley has been off running mundane errands for Joker. Man, what woman can’t relate to running mundane errands? Anyway, she tells Joker all the helpful things she’s done for him and his reaction is actually sweet, but we can tell who’s REALLY in charge of the show (it’s Harley). But, all these mundane errands have Harley questioning her life choices. A villain getting bored…crazy, right? Through this turn of events it looks like she’s scouted out the perfect new headquarters.

This issue was a lot of fun. Some pretty funny things happened, there was a good mix of action and plot. Also LOTS of reveals for Red Tool and bat-lady. And, of course Harley Loves Joker is cute and true to classic Harley as always. I can’t praise Dini and Palmiotti enough for what they’ve done with Harley’s character. My rating is 9/10.