Review: Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special #1

By: Andrew Fontana

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special #1 is the inevitable  unofficial tie-in to Patty Jenkins’ rollicking smash hit, and as far as those go, its actually pretty good. Chris Pine’s roguish and charming portrayal of Steve Trevor was one of film’s strong points, so it makes sense that DC would try to capitalize on that in the comics  themselves. Tim Seeley and Christian Duce’s Trevor focused one-shot captures a bit of what makes Pine’s Trevor so appealing and makes a damn good case for a book focusing on him and his eccentric  Oddfellows.

The one-shot follows Steve, Sameer,  Chief, and the the very alcoholic Charlie as they pursue a mission that shares some thematic parallels with Steve’s own discovery of Themyscira. This is Steve’s show minus the bookend appearances of Diana, and Seeley has a firm grasp of what makes him tick. His Oddfellows arent given a lot of screentime, but what they do get is enough to establish continuity with their cinematic universe counterparts. Having Steve and co stumble on another hidden paradise and then deal with the ramifications of that discovery  is a smart way for Seeley to explore Steve’s take on his relationship with Diana and show it in a different light.

Christian Duce’s pencils are perfectly suited for bringing Seeley’s script to life. Duce’s artwork is crisp and detailed, perfect for all the action presented this issue. Unfortunately, all of Duce’s characters have similarly drawn faces. This especially becomes obvious in the scenes involving the children, but even the Oddfellows outside of Steve look a little too interchangeable.

Rating: 8.5