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Twin Peak Episode 6: The Character Reveal We’ve Been Waiting 25 Years For

Twin Peaks Episode 6 Plot Summary:

Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan) is still trapped inside the compromised shell of insurance salesman, Dougie. Meanwhile, the youngest of the Horne clan (Eamon Farren) gets himself in huge trouble with drugs (through a mystical dealer played by Balthazar Getty), and murder. And one of the biggest reveals in series history happens.

Seriously, if you have not seen this week’s episode of Twin Peaks…stop reading this review. This episode has a massive reveal that longtime fans will freak out over, so we’re warning you, we’re going to talk about it.

For starters, yes, Special Agent Dale Cooper is still Dougie Jones. Yes, he still cannot speak in full sentences just yet, and yes, that damn green sport coat is still prevalent.

Was there improvement in Cooper’s condition? Absolutely. His mental fog seems to be lifting some. He’s beginning to walk like a normal person again, he’s reverted to wearing his traditional “Cooper suit,” and his sense of deduction, while heavily influenced by the supernatural, is returning to form.

But don’t take this as a massive improvement. The Dougie scenes still move at a glacial pace. One has to wonder how long the Dougie scenario is going to run for. Given Lynch’s propensity for pushing boundaries, and limits — he may do so with the audience’s patience in regards to when the real Dale Cooper will finally return.

While this was the focus of the episode, it was not the highlight.

No, the highlight was finally got to meet Diane.

Yes, THAT Diane.

The Diane that Special Agent Dale Cooper dictated his notes to via tape recorder throughout the original series’ run. The woman who Cooper always was the most honest with, the woman who knows him best.

This “woman who knows him best” hint was dropped two weeks ago when Gordon (David Lynch), and Albert (Miguel Ferrer). Names like Audrey Horne (Sherilynn Fenn), Annie Blackburn (Heather Graham), or even the mysterious and weird woman who gave Cole and company clues in Fire Walk with Me sprung up. (Remember they did mention a blue rose, and that’s something she signed about in that movie).

No, instead — we got Diane.

Played by Laura Dern, it makes perfect sense that Diane would be the ‘woman who knew Cooper best,’ and would be the perfect ally in Albert and Gordon’s investigation into the “Cooper-ganger.”

The reveal is such a quick scene, but man it’s powerful. Diane is such an iconic offscreen character. To finally get a face to the name really kicks the already sideways plot on its ear. The places they can go with her character is extremely exciting.

Episode Six of Twin Peaks, outside of the big reveal, was another week of slow movement with Dougie, and even more new characters introduced, and weirdness happening. In no way was this a bad episode, but the show needs to start picking up — not the pace, but just the connection of one or two dots soon.

Rating: 7 out of 10


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