Review: Dark Days: The Forge

Written by Rachel Freeman

Comic Review – Dark Days: The Forge

Dark Days: The Forge is published by DC Comics. It is written in collaboration by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV with art by Jim Lee, John Romita Jr., and Andy Kubert.

So, I’ve been wondering since it was announced what DC’s “metal” meant. To be honest, I thought music was going to be involved. But no, it’s literally aboutis metal. It’s also a lot cooler than it sounds from that description. Basically, several of Earth’s mightiest heroes (in the DC Universe) including Green Lantern and Aquaman, are beginning to suspect Batman is hiding something. I mean, to be fair, Batman is always hiding something. He’s a man of many secrets. This time, it’s serious though. It’s something that could endanger, not just their universe, but the very existence of the multiverse. And it all has to do with this strange metal. This powerful metal. This metal that somehow is connected to Hawkman’s origin.

Dark Days: The Forge is the first issue of DC’s summer event, so it spends a lot of time setting up the plot in a very mysterious way. Batman is my favorite hero ever, so despite all the secrecy and the foreshadowing of what evil he could potentially release and become, I have faith in Batman. Even so, I have no idea what he’s doing and if I was any other hero in the DCU, I’d be super suspicious as well. Batman has enlisted the help of some unusual heroes. Not that the heroes themselves are unusual, just…you know. It’s not the standard Justice League members. Instead, he has been getting intel from Mr. Terrific who was collecting information about the “other” world. He also gets help from Mister Miracle to open this special door that Batman had a key to, but he knew it was dangerous so he shot it into the sun. Because, why not?

While Batman is out on his mission, he has left Duke in charge of protecting the Bat-Cave. Despite his training, Duke is no match for Hal Jordan (who was sent there by one of the Guardians to investigate a strange occurrence), who pretty easily overpowers him and then just explores the cave as he pleases. It’s here where Green Lantern finds a secret cave within Batman’s secret cave. It’s like secret cave inception. And in this second secret cave, there is a voice. A voice that calls Hal and Duke to come further and to learn about what Batman has been up to without the League’s or his own Bat Family’s knowledge.

Pros: I love Hawkgirl. I mean, I guess right now they’re mostly focusing on Hawkman, but Hawkgirl is part of it. They are connected. Their origins are directly connected to each other. Therefore, the mystery of Hawkman will also teach us the mystery of Hawkgirl as well and that makes me happy. I loved the banter between Duke and Hal. Both of them are so snarky. James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder have both done amazing work writing Batman and so I was confident in their ability to capture his character with ease. He’s so spot on. His short responses. His, “this is my answer and it will not change” attitude.

Cons: Considering this all connects to Hawkman’s origin….he really didn’t do anything helpful. Like, he should know Batman by this point, right? So why wouldn’t he say or do something to help or stop him? He just gives us some flashbacks (and potential flashforwards). And, as I said, I love Hawkgirl and while I’m hopeful she’ll get more face time in this event, she got like one cool panel and that was it. Come on.


While I wish there was more Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the issue sucked me in right away and made me excited for this summer event. Make sure you pick up a copy from your local comic store!

Happy reading!