Erwin and Mikasa Shine in Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11, “Charge”

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11, “Charge”

Sheena Fisher

Remember all that love and devotion Ymir had towards getting Christa? Well, Mikasa is far more protective than Ymir can even begin to imagine. We start this episode with Ymir retrieving Christa from her mouth. And a big reveal from Ymir.

Ymir confesses to Christa (who has embraced her name as Historia, so from this point forward I will refer to her as such) that she is working with Bertholdt and Reiner. Also that she’s turning Historia over to the titans. Why? Because that way she will not be executed. Ymir admits that she now fears death and will do anything to stay alive. Historia tells Ymir no matter what she’s on Ymir’s side. All while this is happening, Mikasa is calculating how to rescue Eren.

Since Reiner’s armored titan form is slow, it doesn’t take long for the scouts to catch up. All of the closest friends of Bertholdt and Reiner make their way onto the armored titan to talk. Mikasa assures Historia and Ymir she will kill whoever gets in her way of saving Eren. As everyone is trying to talk sense into the warriors, Erwin is heading up the back with a horde of titans. Sheer chaos ensues for Reiner in his armored titan form. Ymir has been thrown off of his back and is fighting hard to stay alive. Historia is fighting to protect Ymir and herself. Reiner, who has Bertholdt and Eren clasped tightly in his hands, has to defend himself and that creates the perfect opening for Mikasa.

Mikasa gets grabbed by a titan from behind and Armin who was right beside her has to do what he’s best at, negotiate. He remembers how Bertholdt acted around Annie and kindly reminds him that Annie is being held by the scout regiment. Tells him she’s being tortured, and his is enough to send Bertholdt over the edge which gives Mikasa the perfect opening to snatch Eren up.

No one is safe. Reiner is throwing titans trying to kill and stop as many humans as he can. Conny and Sasha pick up Historia as Ymir chases behind. And, Mikasa and Eren are in a big field of flying titans. Could things get worse? Yes, Eren notices a very familiar looking titan you may recall from season 1 as the credits begin to roll.

This episode had a lot of action. Mikasa is back to being her badass self, and the scouts are just as calculating and creative as ever. In fact, so much happens in this episode I may have left things out. I only disliked a short scene where Historia and Ymir bickered back and forth, but it was still necessary to convey their emotions to the audience. All this being said I’m scoring this episode at 9/10.

Rachel Freeman

I have one word for you about what I took from this episode: Advance. Sheena pretty much covered everything in this episode and I agree with her on those aspects. But she forgot one thing. Erwin. Erwin was what made this episode for me. Was I happy to watch Mikasa kick ass? You bet. Did we see Armin pull some epic psychological manipulation on Bertholdt? Hell yes, and it was awesome! Those scenes aren’t what stayed with me though. What stayed with me was Erwin. Erwin called the team to advance, his sword held high, and as he did so, a titan charged out of the trees, bit into his arm and carried him away. The scouts froze. They started to turn to go after him, until Erwin, still being carried away and his arm being bitten off, yelled to them, “Advance!” And they did.


He is being carried away from his team by a titan who is biting off his dominate arm, and instead of calling for help, he tells them to advance. To continue their mission. To get Eren back, even if it means he dies. What a freaking champion. We already knew Erwin was skilled, but now his position at Levi’s side makes so much more sense. And then, oh yes, there’s an after, then he comes flying back in (without an arm) to save Mikasa and Eren at the last moment. HE LOST HIS ARM AND HE JUST CAME BACK LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED! Yes, the caps are necessary.

I already liked him, but Erwin just shot up the ladder in the favorite characters department. Yes, the rest of the episode was solid, but it is definitely Erwin that earned this 9/10.

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