Review: The Power of the Dark Crystal #4

By: Rachel Freeman

The Power of the Dark Crystal< is published by BOOM! Studios under their Archaia imprint. It is written by Simon Spurrier with art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

First of all, can I just point out how GORGEOUS these covers have been? The regular and the variants are all just beautiful. I’m admittedly kind of a cover snob….that being said, I have totally bought comics just because I loved the cover art. This is not only an amazing comic, but it’s one that I would pick up off the shelf and check out just because the covers are so captivating.

The story lives up to this fabulous artwork. Or maybe the art lives up to the story? However you want to put it, they’re both great. We’ll just call it even.

Alright, so the Crystal has once again been shattered and the Skeksis brought back, but Jen, despite his fragile state, quickly traps them. That is, all but the Chamberlain, who pursues Kensho and Thurma into the forest. While in the forest, Kensho is still debating with himself whether or not he is doing the right thing by helping Thurma. She continues to try and convince him. As the reader, it’s a hard spot, especially if you have seen The Dark Crystal movie and know what the world was like before Jen and Kira restored the Crystal. Thurma’s people are dying, but does that justify killing the entire Gelfling race? Not even just them, but every species on the surface world will die without the Crystal. The prophecy says, “one world dies – another made right”, so does one of the worlds have to die? How do you choose who is worthy of living?

Jen and Kira have been asleep for so long though that their beautiful world has become corrupt. The people they entrusted to be in charge are power-hungry and greedy. They do not care for the people, and the people are suffering. Jen and Kira may be awake, but can they fix the corruption and damage that have already been done? Even Aughra seems to be at a loss on how to save everyone. She even goes as far as to ask the urRu Mystics for help…which is totally pointless because “it’s not their way”. The same excuse they gave in the movie and in previous issues.

Sidenote: The Mystics really get me miffed. In the movie too. I mean. I get it, they’re basically monks and they’re all “peace and faith” blah blah blah. But come on guys. Really? You can’t do even a LITTLE something to help? Or at least quit it with the riddles? Even so, props to Simon Spurrier for sticking to the source material.

Ultimately, the plot continues to thicken. I’m interested to see how Jen will react when he sees what has really happened to the world he and Kira risked their lives to save. I also love the growing mythology of this world. Thurma’s story about the Fire Maiden and the Ice Being who fell in love was so beautiful. I want to hear more stories about her people. I want to learn more about the other races in this world. Oh, and Kensho and Thurma are just. So. Freaking. Cute.


This comic, as always, is beautiful. The growing mythos makes it all the more enthralling. Make sure you pick up a copy from your local comic store!

Happy reading!