Jack Johnson Brings the Perfect Summer Experience to the BB&T Pavilion

Pop Break Live: Jack Johnson at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey

Jack Johnson performed an epic set of sun-soaked songs at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey in early June.

The surfer/singer-songwriter dropped covers of Sublime’s “Badfish” and “Boss DJ” as well as Steve Miller’s seminal hit, “The Joker.” Longtime fans were treated to classic Johnson hits such as “Banana Pancakes,” “Bubble Toes,” “Flake,” and “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.”

Pop Break’s associate editor, and senior photographer Al Mannarino caught Jack Johnson in action.


You and Your Heart
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Go On
Upside Down
The Horizon Has Been Defeated
Badfish (Sublime cover)
Boss DJ (Sublime cover)
Inaudible Melodies
Play Video
Tomorrow Morning
Bubble Toes
The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover)
Wasting Time
No Other Way
Rodeo Clowns
Play Video
I Got You
Plastic Jesus / Fall Line
Tape Deck
Banana Pancakes / Same Girl
Shot Reverse Shot
Good People

Al Mannarino is the associate editor and photographer for Pop Break. He is also host of the News Over Brews Podcast, Loot Care Unboxed, Backstage Break, and the producer of Behind the Brews. He graduated Rowan University with a degree in Radio/TV/Film & History. When he isn’t writing he is either trying to build his own TARDIS or taking a nap. Follow him on Twitter: @almannarino. His photo website is: http://alfredmannarino.com