Review: Snotgirl #6

By: Rachel Freeman

Snotgirl is published by Image Comics. It is written by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung with art by Leslie Hung and Rachael Cohen.

Ahhhh. I’m so happy that this comic is back after a 6 month hiatus. However, it will be released bimonthly instead of monthly, which is a long wait but these creators and this comic are worth it.


(Also, why are you reading a review of the 6th issue if you haven’t even read the first volume?)

We open with Lottie, Meg (NormGirl), and Misty (CuteGirl) at a funeral. Which is quite the opening scene considering in the last issue, we saw Caroline push Charlene off a building. But it isn’t confirmed if this is actually Charlene’s funeral or Lottie dreaming, or simply foreshadowing of something morbid happening.

Rather than answering the question, we are pulled into the usual Haters Brunch between Lottie, Meg, and Misty. Having their usual hateful discussion, until a woman walks in. Misty’s identical twin sister, who looks nothing like her. Not only does she state her relationship to Misty, she also tells them her age (aka Misty’s real age) and that “Misty” isn’t even her real name! Which, of course, devastates Misty, who storms off to “go plan something”. Turns out that something is an actual event for her fans, with Lottie being a guest. Lottie uses this opportunity to show off how “nice” she is by signing something for a nervous fan and then comforting her after she spills her drink on Lottie’s shoes. Because she’s SO nice.

This is where we meet Virgil. Who without hesitation cleans up the mess and introduces himself. As Caroline’s brother. He wants Lottie to contact Caroline because she’s been a mess without Lottie (implying a decent amount of time has passed since the New Year’s/Charlene incident). Lottie doesn’t want to though, as she says to Virgil, “when we were friends, people got hurt”. Since Caroline has been out of her life, Lottie has been actually doing better. But Virgil’s words hit her hard and she reconsiders her decision to remove Caroline from her life. Put that on top of the obsessive police detective who clearly has a thing for Lottie, her creepy, semi-erotic dreams about Caroline, and Caroline’s cryptic words about the people “watching” her and you can just feel the shit-storm that’s about to come crashing through.


After a 6 month hiatus, this comic didn’t miss a beat. It did, however, totally debunk all of my fangirl theories so now I’m back to square one. My only real complaint is that, while interesting, I really don’t care about Misty’s history. I think that could have been condensed a little more to make more room for Caroline and Lottie development, but I also don’t know what Leslie Hung and Bryan Lee O’Malley are planning. So it could end up being super relevant!

Make sure you pick up a copy of Snotgirl #6 from your local comic store! Happy reading!