Twin Peaks Episode 9: Everything is Starting to Come Together…Slowly

Twin Peaks Episode 9 Plot Summary:

Gordon (David Lynch), Albert (Miguel Ferrer), Tammy (Chrysta Bell), and Diane (Laura Dern) head to Buck Horn, South Dakota to rendezvous with the military to examine the supposed body of Major Garland Briggs, as well as interrogate William Hastings (Matthew Lillard). The police continue to investigate Dougie Jones (Kyle McLachlan) and why anyone would want to kill him. Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster), Hawk (Michael Horse), and Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) investigate what happened to Major Briggs.

This season about Twin Peaks is about one thing — trust.

The trust isn’t between any of the characters — it’s between us, and creator/director, David Lynch.

Admittedly, this season has had more than its fair share of frustrations. The bizarre Episode 8, the appearance and then disappearance of random characters…and of course, Dougie Jones.

However, if you’re watching this series, you either loved the original series, or Lynch’s previous works. You know what you’ve signed up for — a non-traditional show that’s going to take you on an unexpected, and sometimes uncomfortable journey.

However, this week’s episode (Episode 9) gives us hope, as I feel this is the turning point of the season. The plot was slowed pushed forward, we saw a lot more of our old Twin Peaks favorites, and there was incredibly less of Dougie’s painfully slow story.

There was also this piece that popped up on the Hollywood Report last week. Series star Kyle McLachlan was quoted as saying, “everything will make sense.”

There’s no guarantees that next week will see a continuation of this forward progress, but I trust that in the end, like McLachlan stated, this will all make sense.

So let’s look at what worked, what didn’t work, and what hasn’t been resolved from this week’s episode.

What Worked…

  • Twin Peaks Quirkiness: What worked in the original series was the genuine weirdness of the townsfolk. Lucy (Kimmy Robertson), and Andy (Harry Goaz) arguing over a chair color, and Lucy telling everyone “she wasn’t in” were two nice little moments of levity.
  • Bobby Briggs Does Something Right: It was a nice turn to see Bobby Briggs be a genuine good guy, and not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s refreshing to see the former bad boy as the point man for the police’s search for answers in the mysterious disappearance of his father, and Agent Cooper.
  • The Cooperganger’s Return: I felt this was probably the most straightforward presentation of this evil version of Cooper, and it was the right way to set the tone for the episode. Things need to move forward. Also, it’s never a bad thing when either Tim Roth, or Jennifer Jason Leigh in on screen.
  • Diane, how could you?: Yup, she received the text from the Cooperganger. She has to be in on it, right?
  • Matthew Lillard, who knew?: Dude, was great. Come a long way since those dopey teen movies.

What Didn’t Work…

  • The Girls at the Bang! Bang!: Sky Ferreira made her series debut as a strung out girl with the worst rash ever. Literally no idea why this scene was here…although most scenes at the club literally have no tie to anything (yet). Remember when we saw James at the bar? Nowhere to be seen. How about when Richard Horne tried assaulting that girl? Yeah, none of those mattered. Regardless, this scene was a rather dull way to end the episode.
  • The Fusco Brothers: The three cops investigating Dougie are all brothers, and I feel like this was Lynch’s attempt at some weird slapstick/who’s on first kinda comedy. Didn’t really connect. Although it is a kick to see David Koechner in a serious role, and Eric Edelstein, the voice of Griz on We Bare Bears, acting in a human role.

What Hasn’t Been Resolved…

  • Where’s the magical drug dealer (Balthazar Getty)?
  • That mysterious box in South America.
  • The origin or purpose of The Woodsmen.
  • The situation with Beverly Paige’s (Ashley Judd) husband?
  • The fallout of Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) and his vehicular homicide.
  • The box, and double murders in New York City.
  • Where Amanda Seyfried’s character went.

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