New R-Rated Spawn Movie Announced With Blumhouse and Todd Mcfarlane Directing

The last time we saw Spawn on the big screen was the 1997 adaptation featuring Michael Jai White and John Leguizamo. To an extent, there was short cartoon series on HBO from 1997 to 1999. Now, the anti-hero character is set to return as Jason Blum and Blumhouse are starting production on an R-rated version of a new movie.

As a pleasant surprise, creator Todd McFarlane is set to get behind the director’s chair. Just as a brief synopsis, Al Simmons became a highly trained marine within the CIA and black ops. He is then betrayed by Jason Wynn who makes a deal with Malebolgia who promises his soul. Simmons dies and then is sent to hell where he become’s hell’s mercenary, Spawn. While back on earth, Spawn then turns on hell and decides to use his powers for good

Now, Blumhouse has had a string of hits lately such as Split and Get Out. Where a comic book director is not commonplace being the director, McFarlane will ensure that the movie has the dark and gritty tone, especially with an R rating.

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