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Latest Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Shows Us New Worlds, Characters

Star Trek: Discovery is the newest attempt to reboot and bring the franchise into the modern world, and though we haven’t had a ton of information to go on up to this point, the new trailer dropped by CBS appears to answer some questions about the show’s tone, plot, and relationship to Star Trek stories already told.

First impressions: The show appears to take place during humanity’s first contact with the warlike Klingon Empire, which appears to be the central conflict of the show. There is quite a bit of action contained here, both ship-to-ship and hand-to-hand. While the combat does look well done, I still have my concerns that this show will focus too much on action and not enough of character development or moral issues, both of which were a central component of past Star Trek TV series.

The tone of the show seems to be very dark, but I think this is a step in the right direction if the show hopes to gain any traction with newer fans, though I suspect older fans will appreciate the fresh take as well. Visually, the show looks to be right in line with the newer films.

The cast looks incredible, especially with Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd, and the mix of old and new faces and characters is also a great choice. There is real opportunity for these characters to grow as the series progresses.

As a big fan of Star Trek, this trailer got me hyped without giving away too much plot detail. I’m excited for the series to boldly go starting on September 24th on CBS’ digital network, CBS All Access


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