WWE Raw: Rumbling, Bumbling, Stumbing Into Summerslam

Sayanara To Brock?: Given recent events concerning a potential UFC super fight between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, are we looking at the end of the Beast in the WWE? From Paul Heyman’s opening promo, it sounds like it. Heyman sure painted Lesnar as the under dog going into the fatal-four way. The cherry on top, being that both Heyman and Lesnar will be leaving the WWE if Lesnar loses?

The three way fight between Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe – it seemed like we got the Summerslam match sans Lesnar. While it was a good match, there’s still a good three weeks away from Summerslam, so WWE will have to get a little bit more creative to keep this match fresh in fans eyes.

Tag Team Division Is In Good Hands: When the WWE aren’t breaking them up, tag teams serve a purpose on the show. With the tag team division on RAW, they really focus more on the action than the story lines. The Hardys continue to tease their feud with the Revival. It’s the classic veteran guard trying to teach the news guys a lesson story.

A good development is the team of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. They are not quite a team yet as Ambrose is still apprehensive of Rollins from the shield breakup. However, it is building as a good story line and also gives Sheamus and Cesaro a fresh team to go against. At Smackdown, there’s a lack of tag team depth. Raw seems to have an opposite problem where they are really focusing on building a strong tag team division.

An Angle Gets His Shot: Jason Jordan has some direction coming off the big announcement. Who better to pair him with than The Miz? This is a win/win. It gives a fresh feud for The Miz who got caught in what seemed in a never ending circle against Dean Ambrose and it will elevate Jordan.

The Women’s Division: No Sasha Banks? From here, we got Bayley and Nia Jax yet again. The match didn’t hurt or help the upcoming Summerslam match for me. It was just kind of there. Will this stay just Bayley vs Alexa Bliss given that Alexa did cut a promo on Sasha? Will this become a four way dance? Where are Mickie James and Emma?

The Eater of Worlds vs. The Demon: Instead of Finn Balor just kind of being there on the roster, this is a good feud to have for both him and Bray Wyatt. You can play up the supernatural-esque roles that both men embody going into Summerslam. For a while, it seemed like Wyatt was going into a promo that was really leading anywhere, but now, he has a focal point that was initially teased during the super star shakeup.

The Main Event: Well, at least Big Cass has new music. I know that Raw’s main event was served to put someone else in that spot. That’s a good thing, but in the ongoing feud between Enzo and Cass, this did not resonate with the crowd. You have the Big Show as the surrogate fighter for Enzo and it just ended up as a DQ? What’s the angle? One thought would be that perhaps Enzo could turn heel with Cass as a swerve. Eventually, if you’re going to build up Cass to the level that he wants to be, him and Enzo have to be moved away from each other.

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