Review: Harley Quinn & Batman #1

By: Sheena Fisher

Batman and Nightwing are in hot pursuit of the Joker. Looks like they’re in the belly of The Joker’s headquarters. Harley Quinn is of course there assisting The Joker by suggesting what weapons to use next on our heroes. There’s just one major problem. Everything he tries to hit bats and Nightwing with fails.

With Batman and Nightwing getting closer to victory Harley suggests bigger and more menacing weapons. They all backfire on Joker. That’s when it clicks with Joker that Harley is laughing at him. He tries to take off in a hot air balloon. He tells Harley there’s only room for 1 and he’s sorry. Leaving Harley behind in classic Joker fashion. Unfortunately for him that escape plan also been sabotaged.

Harley spills the beans and admits she sabotaged everything. She was sure to let Batman and Nightwing know their hideout’s current location. She’s sick and tired of all the photo’s Joker has hung up. These photos are all of injuries he’s inflicted on Batman. And, to make matters worse he doesn’t have a single picture of Harley anywhere. This was enough to make her turn against him.

All she wants is a little attention to freshen up the relationship, but Joker doesn’t care. He doesn’t even threaten her. This makes Harley’s blood boil. As Commissioner Gordon comes to arrest Joker and Harley, Batman and Nightwing let Gordon know of her good behavior to try and lessen her sentence. Just as she’s being placed into a cop car Poison Ivy appears with her babies. Ivy swoops up Harley and makes a dashing rescue while holding our heroes in her plants grasps.

Ok, I’m really excited for the upcoming Harley Quinn and Batman movie. This comic is filled with action and humor. I loved feeling like I had been taken back in time to the 90’s when Batman the Animated Series first aired and I wore footy pajamas…ok, you caught me I still wear footy pajama’s. But, it’s always nice to see classic versions of the character’s we love. I also can’t wait for issue 2 when Ivy and Harley team up. 9/10 stars

Sheena Fisher AKA cosplayer Sheena Bot. She and her husband have been making cosplay magic since 2008. She has been consistently writing comic reviews for titles Harley Quinn, Supergirl, and Rat Queens. Sheena and her husband like to collect money for charities at different conventions during the weekend. By day she works as an Enrollment Agent at MorphoTrust. She is a Fairmont State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in Family & Consumer Sciences. Follow her on Faceboook: sheenabotcosplay