White Reaper releases “Judy French” Music Video

White Reaper releases “Judy French” Music Video

If you’re nostalgic for the days of 80’s glam rock, look no further than White Reaper’s new music video for single, “Judy French.” White Reaper is a band who would be in good company with classic rockers like Thin Lizzy, and they are not making any compromises in order to sound cutting edge. They are comfortable in their own skin, with their dramatic guitar riffs and heavy hitting drums.

The music video for “Judy French” lives firmly in the semi-ironic red white and blue world created by the Louisville rockers, whose sophomore album is entitled “World’s Best American Band.” The video stars Alexandra Daddario, known for her appearances on True Detective and and her recent roles in San Andreas and Baywatch.

In the video, directed by Brandon Dermer, Daddario fills in for members of White Reaper, playing a guitar, drums, and keys. She sings the power pop chorus of “Judy French” into a mic donned with the American flag under red and blue lights. There’s some PBR, a smoke bomb, and an old convertible. The straightforward images of “iconic” American culture create a pleasing, albeit simple, accompaniment to a classic rock throwback.

Brandon Dermer is the director of a new series on VICE, What Would Diplo Do, whose premiere aired on August 3rd. White Reaper is currently on the North American leg of their tour.

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