Review: Harley Quinn #25

It’s Harley’s anniversary! She’s turning 25, and this issue has a ton of cameos from other favorite DC characters. Let’s jump right into the plot though, we can discuss awesome cameos and plot points as we dive into this issue. We start off by seeing that Madison Berkowitz is trying to put a hit out on our girl. Madison has hired a super creepy dude named Saldana who is a part of the Unconquerable 25. Will Harley die just as she’s turning 21, er 25?

Harley is still at the spa with Sy and she’s doing her best to keep his surprise birthday party as secret. After a very long time in the sauna the couple makes their way back to Harley’s apartment building. Just as they hop off the elevator surprise is being shouted by a full room of DC villains. Sy then reveals the party is actually for Harley Quinn and he was in on everything. As Harley is getting kissed by the lovely Poison Ivy, greeting her roller derby girls, and greeting other friends we can see a sniper trying to take a kill shot at our crazy little vixen. Fortunately for Harley there are too many people in the room to get a clear shot, so our assassin is ordered to gather Intel instead.

The gang comes up with a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-eggy. Harley is drunk and now extra dizzy from the spinning. After pinning Spoonsdale right on the butt she turns around and makes her way right out a window. Luckily for her Power Girl is flying by with perfect timing to save Harl’s. As the festivities continue our assassins have tripled their efforts and are still waiting for a clear shot. Again, Harley has impeccable timing. She decides to play a game called Grope-in-the dark. As soon as she turns out the lights Catwoman notices all the lasers. Red Tool screams SNIPER just in time and everyone gets on the ground.

But, Harley doesn’t take kindly to party poopers, or the fact that her apartment is getting shot up. Luckily for her, she has a bazooka, and she knows how to use it. Madame Macabre and others cover the inside of the apartment while Harley, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman take off outside. Catwoman lowers Harley right above the Unconquerable 25. Harley sneakily gets quite a few headshots as a result. Unfortunately she ends up cornered and so do Ivy and Catwoman. This ends our exciting and crazy birthday soiree for Harley

In Harley loves Joker she has been working like crazy to surprise Joker with a new hideout. Joker was getting wise to it because he noticed she wasn’t around plus he found a tool belt. We open this part of the tale with him being very angry at her. He only wants surprises if he’s the one planning them. Then we flashback to Harley paying Jenna…unfortunately not in full. Remember, Harley only had a week to pay in full otherwise Jenna blows up the new hideout. Harley has a run-in with The Penguin while eyeing his expensive peacock that she’s highly considering stealing. He threatens her and she goes on her way. Harley feels like she’ll never make enough to pay back Jenna. It hits her Joker doesn’t know a thing about the surprise hideout, so it doesn’t matter anyway. Then we go back to the present. Joker yelling at Harley over the surprise, but wait, he is praising her? Turns out the Joker followed Harley from The Penguin’s place. He adores the new hideout, but has no clue it’s set to explode in 6 days.

Well, our main story arc has been building up for quite a few issues. Not just the conflict between Harley and Madison, but the surprise party for Harley as well. Everything was executed very well. Plot points came together in both story arcs, and cameos from some of our favorite villains and heroes is always a plus. DC Rebirth continues its streak of strong plot points, humor, and bloody action.

Harley Quinn #25 Rating: 9/10