Review: Supergirl #12

In the 11th issue, Supergirl and Batgirl escaped The Phantom Zone. Just as Supergirl was catching her breath she was greeted by an angry Cat Grant pointing a gun at her. That’s where this issue picks up. Cat Grant has just shot Supergirl. Supergirl falls a few stories but is able to recover fast, thankfully.

As Supergirl is getting used to her surroundings she notices the balcony she was just standing on has disappeared. Not only has the new balcony disappeared, but so has Cat Grant. That’s when Supergirl’s super hearing picks up on Cat talking miles away. To make matters worse as she starts to fly away she starts to feel like her powers have been super charged. She’s flying far faster than she intends to. She’s breaking windows and mistakenly using her heat vision. Civilians take notice and are visibly scared. And, on top of all of this Kara’s alarm reminding her to go to school is going off.

Things switch gears and we see Solomon Grundy in Arkham Asylum.  The future is making waves in the present. Emerald Empress and crew have just set Solomon Grundy free. He now sees that Saturn Girl wasn’t his big threat, it was actually Supergirl. Selena, Indigo, Emerald Empress, and Magog look like they’re ready to wage war along Solomon’s side.

Kara is in the middle of class when all of a sudden she gets some loud sounds screeching through her mind. It’s bad enough for her to make a scene and for her teacher to ask if she needs to leave class. As Kara is doing just that the ground collapses underneath her. Ben is luckily nearby and helps her out of the cavern that resulted. Even though Kara causes the collapse, she quickly blames it on poor renovation work to cover. While this is happening Selena makes an appearance in Cat Grant’s office.

Something I love about Cat Grant is that she doesn’t scare easily. Selena appears in her office from seemingly nowhere and threatens Cat and Catco because of their praise for Supergirl. Selena demands they boot that behavior. Cat responds by telling Selena her boot choices aren’t the best. As this is happening Solomon Grundy and Magog are discussing why Supergirl must be killed in downtown Capitol City. They have a very solid plan to strategically take her down.

Meanwhile Supergirl is at the DEO talking to her father. She keeps visiting him in hopes he will one day talk to her. As she is telling him about the scary strength she’s recently obtained she hears cries for help. She exits and we see Solomon Grundy getting beefed up by something Selena and Empress concocted for him. Supergirl clumsily makes her way to town in an attempt to control her overcharged powers. As she lands she’s greeted by a huge Solomon Grundy.

It’s interesting to see Kara somewhat out of control of her own powers. It’s almost as if she’s living on the cusp of a paradox with all of the sudden changes she is seeing. Our future baddies are trying their best to tear her down from the inside. It’s truly a scary thought. This issue is setting us up for some crazy future events. 9/10 Stars.

Written by Sheena Fisher