Review: Aquaman #27

By: Andrew Fontana

Aquaman #27 is another solid entry into the sprawling epic that Dan Abnett and Stjepan Sevic are continuing to unfold. Previous issues of Aquaman were a bit weak on the plot aspect of the book, but with the new status quo firmly in place Abnett has finally begun to cut loose . His writing is chock full of political intrigue worthy of Game of Thrones, with a twist at the end that’s completely unexpected. Though Abnett’s dialogue remains a bit wooden, he attempts to liven things up with a much needed injection of humor.

The addition of Stjepan Sevic as the main penciler and colorist truly has injected new life into this title. Much has already been said about his assumption of the duties of both penciler and colorist, and all that holds true here. Sevic’s lines are sleek and clean. His characters look realistic no matter how fantastical their nature. But truly, the main highlight of his art is how perfectly the colors fit his pencils. His colors are genuinely atmospheric, immersing the reader in an underwater world that actually feels lived in.  The perfect integration of pencils and colors would have been much harder to achieve if both weren’t done by the same artist.

Rating: 8.0