Review: Harley Quinn #27


In issue 26 (that I unfortunately didn’t get to review) we saw Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn team up to take down some jerk-wad assassins. Be warned there are spoilers for the last issue in this review. So, stop reading if you haven’t read issue 26 yet. The unconquerable 25 were hired to take down Harley at her 25th Birthday party, but thanks to our favorite trio of ladies and Harley’s friends the assassins became VERY conquerable.

Harley declared in the last issue that she was going to run for mayor. I was kinda hoping this issue would go right into that. But, I’m glad it didn’t. The story set-up here fuels Harley’s desire even more to become mayor after she learns what Eminent Domain means. There’s Harley winning her 12th victory for her roller derby team when they learn the skate rink is under Eminent Domain. And, worse Harley’s apartment building has been claimed too.

Once Harley hears the opinions of other Coney Islanders she gets really heated. She is told by a friend that there’s a casino coming in and that’s the cause of all the properties being swooped up. That’s when it clicks that this is Penguin’s doing. Harley takes to action to harass Mr. Cobblepot while he’s having dinner at an upscale restaurant. She voices her opinion in a not-so-nice way and he shoots her down. It’s clear that he’s not afraid of her.

Harley starts brain-storming to find a way to stop this Casino from ever happening. What can she do to prove she’s not playing around? She’s not even begun the process for becoming mayor. She just needs a way to intimidate Cobblepot. Thankfully Harley has a few tricks and strong connections up her sleeves. Who could she possibly call in to make her message clear? You’ll have to pick up this issue to find out.

Oh, and a fun thing I need to mention is Conner and Palmiotti make an appearance in this issue as well. Don’t you love it when the fourth wall breaks? Harley has some words with them because she’s a little concerned about how things play out in this issue. I’m not concerned Harley, I just want to see where your story is headed. This was an entertaining read that sets up a new tale. I just wish there was a little more beating instead of negotiations. But, in the end it was all fun.

–Sheena Fisher

Harley Quinn #27 Rating: 7.5/10


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