Review: Elsewhere #2

Elsewhere #2 is published by Image Comics. It is written by Jay Faerber with art by Sumeyye Kesgin.

Well, I hope you have read issue #1 because there is a big reveal at the end and that big reveal is now a big part of issue #2 so I can’t exactly beat around the bush. So, if you haven’t read issue #1 and plan to, this is where you should stop and go read it. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here…hopefully.

We ended our last issue with a very stylish introduction from D.B. Cooper. Bit of history tidbit for you: Dan Cooper, a.k.a. “DB” Cooper, hijacked a plane in 1971, stole a bunch of money, parachuted out of said plane and promptly vanished. He was never heard from again and his body never found. To this day the case remains unsolved.

So it makes sense that DB arrived in this world just like Amelia [Earhart]. However, time seems to work differently in the big bright ball of light they both passed through. Because Amelia went missing in 1937, while DB did not hijack the Boeing 727 until 1971. Yet they both have been in this world, conscious at least, for about the same amount of time (both have said “a couple days” at this point). How many other missing people from throughout time have been here? Could that be where these human-esque creatures came from? My head is reeling with new questions and fascination! What we do know is that our time, here in our world, continued at quite a fast rate compared to the time in this one.

Despite hearing that she has been missing for almost 40 years, Amelia has little time to ponder this new information before a guard comes to take her to Lord Kragen. Why Amelia and not DB? Well, it turns out Amelia, specifically, is part of a prophecy, a future where Lord Kragen’s rule is destroyed. We aren’t given the details though, as he promptly sentences her to death, despite her trying to explain that all she wants is to find Fred and go home. He’s an evil overlord, they take prophecies of their destruction very seriously and kill any who pose a threat, whether the threat is real or not. It’s just the way they roll. But evil overlords have evil henchmen, and henchmen are generally loyal to the highest bidder.

As in the case of Sorvina. Sorvina comes across as ruthless and badass, which she totally is, but she also is willing to bend some rules if it involves extra gold. The badass part comes in when she tells Amelia to stab her in the leg so she can explain their escape without facing death herself. Yeah. She just straight up hands her a dagger and says “stab me in the thigh” and when Amelia does SHE JUST TAKES IT LIKE A BOSS. No tears, no screaming save for telling Amelia and DB to hurry up and go.

Reunited with Tavel and Cort, they take Amelia and DB to where their people live. A place that’s safe. Or, at least, it WAS safe…

I think I liked this issue more than issue #1. I mean, it’s pretty hard to be honest, but I think Sorvina tipped the scales in favor of issue #2. Also, I don’t know why, but every time DB talks, I imagine he sounds like a 1970s mobster. It just seems fitting. As with the first issue, we are met in this one with beautiful art and some awesome looking new characters. The shadows, in particular, give us a sense of seriousness, and it pairs nicely with the clever banter and dialogue.

By that, I mean we may begin to feel lighthearted in the moment, but then a sinister face or shadow appears and we are reminded, “oh yeah, this is a prison”. I think it’s important to be able to balance those two feelings. While still maintaining that upbeat tone, things gradually get a lot darker. I mean the bloody death kind of darker. It isn’t over the top though. It’s not happy-go-lucky plunges straight into a gore fest. But I was surprised by it, in a good way. In an “that was unexpected but totally epic and enthralling” kind of way. I feel like this issue shows how Faerber and Kesgin understand when and how to shift their dynamic. Like flying a plane into a thunderstorm. What will be the next twists and turns? Will it get darker or continue on it’s balanced course?


I don’t quite understand why anything is the way it is in this world yet. We haven’t really been given an information to explain Lord Kragen being, well, himself, or why these two races look so completely different yet reside in the exact same area of this planet. Are they the only two races? Were there others? Does Lord Kragen rule this continent or does he rule the world? I know I’m nitpicking and it’s only the second issue but I do feel like we should be given SOMETHING. I mean, if you’re going to comment “take our lands back” then at least explain what that means, even just a brief explanation. Better than nothing. Anyway. You should pick up this comic. Highly recommend.

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Happy reading!