The BreakCast: IT – Pennywise, The Losers Club & A New Respect for Horror?

The big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, scared up record-breaking numbers at the box office this weekend. After weeks of absolutely dreadful receipts, the film brought in over $123 million. (Please note at the time of recording this podcast the receipts were at $118 million). This wasn’t surprising, as we had predicted this both in our summer wrap-up podcast, and our fall preview podcast.

On the Sunday night after the film’s release, Pop Break’s editor-in-chief, got together with the site’s resident horror aficionados — horror editor and senior staff writer Ann Hale, and staff writer Tommy Tracy (no stranger to the BreakCast himself).

In the podcast, the trio aka Pop Break’s version of the Losers Club talk about the film and compared it to the Stephen King novel, and the early 1990s mini-series. The club also went in-depth about Pennywise’s portrayal, the performances of the young actors, and the work of the director Andres Muschietti, best known for his film Mama.

The group also talks about horror films current standing in the Hollywood system, and if this film could potentially a.) be one of the biggest financial successes of 2017, and b.) if it can usher in a newfound sense of respect for the oft-maligned cinematic genre.

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