Action Bronson, The Menzingers Electrify Philly at Project Pabst Citywide Fest

Pop Break Live: Project Pabst Citywide Music Fest Electrifies in Philadelphia

Words and Photos by Patrick Gilrane | Backstage Imaging

On Saturday September 16, 2017 The Electric Factory in Philadelphia hosted the Project Pabst Citywide Music Fest featuring food, drink (Pabst of course) and a host of musical artist both local and not so local. The event was an all day affair, which began at noon and ended after midnight with the grounds of the Electric Factory serving as a concession area and the inside for the entertainment.

The cast of musical talent included the New York based rapper Action Bronson, local punk band The Menzingers, Philly’s own rock band Nothing, Madame Gandhi, Big Thief, The Coathangers, Speedy Ortiz, Lionize and Thin Lips.

First of two headliners was Queens New York based Action Bronson, a former chef now a Hip Hop /Rap Artist under Vile Records. Bronson began his career in 2012 releasing his first mixtape “Rare Chandeliers” with his latest Blue Chips 7000 dropping in this past August. Action Bronson has accomplished quite a bit in his five years as an artist including playing the Letterman show, Coachella and Riot Fest as well as starring in multiple shows on Viceland, and recently dropping a book titled F*ck That’s Delicious.

Action Bronson took the stage to an electronic music track laced with explanative lyrics as he usually does! Bronson continued his scorching set, and at one point stopped to sign a copy of his cookbook (you read correctly) and another fans shirt. The show continued with Bronson blasting through a mixture of old and new tracks and talking with the crowd about his life experiences. Action Bronson really delivered for his fans who couldn’t get enough of his style of Hip Hop and Rap.

The second headline act of the night was Scranton PA based punk band The Menzingers, who were formed in 2006 and include band members Gregg Barnett on guitar and vocals, Tom May on guitar and vocals, Eric Keen on bass and last but not least Joe Godin on drums. The Menzingers are an Epitaph Recording artist who have released five full length albums as well as a bunch of EP’s and singles, their new album After the Party was released in February 2017 and follows up their critically acclaimed album Rented World.

The Menzingers took the stage to the first track off their latest album “Tellin Lies” with the crowd at the Electric Factory erupting. Taking photographs for this show was crazy with a constant flow of crowd surfers coming over the barrier into the photo area! The show continued with the Menzingers ripping through song after song including “Your wild Years,” After The Party,” House On Fire,” I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore,” Thick As Thieves and “Boy Blue” to name a few. This set was by far the highlight of the night for me with the band driving the crowd into an absolute frenzy with their trademark melodies, power chords and vocals. Anyone who says punk rock is dead has obviously never seen the Menzingers!

Local Philly rock band Nothing was one of several artist providing support to the headline acts in attendance. Nothing was formed in 2010 with band members Dominic Palermo, Brandon Setta, Kyle Kimball and Nick Bassett. Nothing is a Relapse Records artist whose latest album “Tired Of Tomorrow” was released in May of 2016. I thought Nothing was a great addition to this lineup with the crowd really responding to their music and stage presence, I look forward to seeing them again. Visit for additional info.

L.A. based Madame Gandhi also provided support to the headline artist. Madame is an electronic music artist, percussionist, vocalist and political activist whose goal is to elevate and empower the Female voice. Madame Gandhi had a very interesting urban sound to her music and was an absolutely incredible drummer / percussionist, I truly enjoyed her set as did the crowd.

In conclusion I would like to congratulate the organizers of The Project Pabst Citywide Music Fest for an outstanding event, their Media firm for allowing the event coverage and the artist Big Thief, The Coathangers, Speedy Ortiz, Lionize and Thin Lips for the awesome contribution to this event

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