Isle of Dogs — Wes Anderson Returns With His Second Animated Feature Since Fantastic Mr. Fox


Prepare to cry.

Wes Anderson returns with his second stop motion animated film since the 2009 release of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

In the wake of a “dog flu” pandemic, Isle of Dogs will follow a quadrupedal pack of man’s best friends as they assist the 12-year- old Atari Kobayashi on a relentless search for the his beloved dog after a ruthless politician (and maybe cat person) orders all the dogs of Japan to be quarantined on a trash island.

The voice cast will include the usual Anderson alumni such as Edward Norton (Rex), Bill Murray (Boss), and Jeff Goldblum (Duke). However, Isle of Dogs will also feature newcomers such as Bryan Cranston, as leader of the pack Chief, and notably a slough of Japanese actors like Ken Watanabe, Akira Ito, and Akira Takayama as the young Atari.

It’s a charming take on the classic boy-and-his-dog story with a fresh coat of Japanese retro futurism and that beloved Wes Anderson quirkiness that will surely bring fans to tears.

Isle of Dogs hits theaters in March 2018.

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