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Monday Night RAW: Enzo Amore Saves The Cruiserweights

I can remember a few years ago when I first saw the team of Enzo Amore, and Colin Cassady, I thought I had discovered something great. And at the time, I did. The two were a dynamic, charismatic combination of heart, charisma, raw power, and infectious likability.

However, something happened along the way. I grew to absolutely detest the duo, particularly Enzo. I thought his act became old. He became more cartoonish in his looks — transforming himself into a human emoji. His vaunted mic work became rambling, self-indulgent, and you could sense he was losing the crowd. And that stupid dance. Burn me alive, that stupid, stupid dance.

However, last night, he proved one thing — he can get people to hate him.In the matter of one show he was able to fully transform himself into a heel. He came off as an annoying, cowardly champion that was all talk, and no fight — the opposite of what he’s been promoted since his NXT days. He was able to play off his real life drama, and problems and turn them into things that people hated him for. It was a stroke of brilliance by whomever made the call to turn him heel, and Amore delivered a masterful performance.

And in the process — he was able to get over 205 Live, and the entire cruiserweight division. People now loathe Enzo Amore so much that they want to see the other cruiserweights go out there and kick his ass. And that’s going to put eyes on the show, and keep asses in seats during 205 Live¬†tapings.

The segment that closed out RAW was some of Enzo, and 205 Live’s best work. It showed that someone like Neville, if given a chance, can be a very entertaining character. It’s been ages since he was that connected to the audience. When hit the Red Arrow, people were amped.

Then BRAUN came out…and man oh man, did that give the proverbial ‘rub’ to the cruiserweights. Him decimating Enzo, (which was awesome), and the telling the cruisers to ‘have at him’ was a stroke of genius. It validated these guys who have been seemingly isolated from the main roster.

Sadly, the post match beat down, which featured a tremendous moment from Drew Gulak, did not air live, but WWE pushed it heavily on social media.

This post-match beat down showcased just about all the cruiserweight talent, and did you hear the crowd react?

So as much as Enzo Amore grates my nerves, he’s been a massive asset in getting over 205 Live. Hats off to you, sir.

Quick thoughts on RAW

Goldust vs. Finn Balior: Who knew this was a feud I wanted to see! I like that Goldust is having these brief, but well thought out, feuds on RAW. Sure, he isn’t winning, but he’s always looking like a credible threat, and we’re investing in the match.

Elias vs. Apollo Crews: Fairly decent match, and The Drifter has really improved since I first saw him in NXT. I enjoyed the tussle between he and Titus, but I fear what a match between the two will be.

Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus: These two deliver strong matches week in, and week out. I can watch them fight forever.

MizTourage vs. Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan: Way more entertaining than you’d expect. Jordan, despite his awful storyline, is magnificent in the ring, and if given time, could only get better. Axel and Bo are really flourishing in their roles.

Braun Smash: I loved the Curt Hawkins segment. Hawkins is a true pro, and makes the most out of his character. This segment, and then his quick match with Dean Ambrose helped him rebound after a head scratching loss to Brock.

Roman vs. The Miz: Roman strong. Feud continues. Whatever.

Nia & Emma vs. Bayley & Sasha: Nia is really coming into her own, and that’s a good thing. This match clicked on all cylinders, and only suffered because of the “will Sasha turn on Bayley” vibes we’re getting.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James Showdown: Absolutely loved it. Alexa is awesome in her role, and Mickie James played the foil perfectly. While this will be a brief feud, it still has a lot of juice, we can get into it, and who doesn’t love a fired up Mickie James?

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