Review: Bettie Page #3

In issue #2 we got to see Bettie working on a movie set. She was decked out in futuristic space lingerie. We also got to see her chase a strange man to the top of a sign on the roof they were filming on. Just as she was reaching out to grab the culprit he took off in a flying saucer. You read that right, and I really hope you’ve read issue 2. Cause spoilers for issues 2 and 1 will be appearing soon.

Bettie is now being arrested. The officer asks her what happened. And, here are those spoilers I warned you about, she goes into full detail. She is honest and tells the officer she saw a mind control ray turned on. That the extras in the film went nuts, and that she tried to capture the culprit that ran escaped in a flying saucer. Of course they don’t believe her and she gets hauled off to the station.

Once there Bettie tries to call Rick, but he isn’t answering the phone. The cop that arrested her decides to be nice and offer Bettie a ride home. The cop’s name is Lyssa Druke, and she’s a rookie. Bettie wonders if Lyssa offers the ride out of curiosity or kindness. I get a feeling it’s both. The ladies are talking more about what happened and decide to go back to the movie studio to investigate together.

Once they arrive Bettie notices the script was written by Benway. I bet its Elroy Benway the one that’s connected to that wave modulator she was tied up to in Issue 1. Just as the girls feel like they’re about to uncover more they are interrupted. I want to tell you who interrupts them, but it would just reveal too much story line. What I will tell you is Lyssa and Bettie work together to escape and make it back safely to Lyssa’s car.

Bettie and Lyssa head back to her home so she can change out of the futuristic space lingerie. That’s right, she’s been in that same outfit the entire time. I guess Bettie really is a superhero, able to punch and kick baddies in strange costumes. Once they arrive something prevents them from being able to go inside. Ah, yea, sorry guys another big ole spoiler I can’t tell you. I am sorry to keep you on the edge of your seats.

The girls end up at the Dresden Restaurant looking for some friends of Bettie’s. Fortunately for her Lyssa had a dress hanging out in her car that was left over from a wedding reception. Bettie finds some friends inside, but the reunion is short-lived. There are some creeps that start to attack her and Lyssa. They escape with Phillip.

I hope you’re on the edge of your seats. I really liked that Bettie and Lyssa teamed up in this issue. We don’t learn a ton about Lyssa, but what we do learn has me excited for more. I hope they keep working together because Lyssa seems really awesome. I always feel like I’m watching an old school sci-fi mystery when I read Bettie Page. Trust me, that’s a compliment. I hope my review will influence you into buying issue 3 from your local comic store. Mystery, action, punching out baddies in space lingerie. Bettie Page has it all!

Rating: 8.5/10

Bettie Page #3 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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