Review: Regression #5

In issue #4 we saw Adrian and Molly seeking help together. Just a friendly warning, there will be spoilers from previous issues. Adrian had blood on his hands. He was used as a meat puppet and he killed people. The freshest kill was Ann at Molly’s art gallery. Adrian had no control over himself as it happened. Adrian was possessed by a personality from his past life, Sutter. Molly was able to connect the dots, and instead of calling the cops, she fled with him to try and help him.

Now that you’ve had a refresher we can dive into the current tale of issue #5. Detectives are at the scene in the art gallery. Anton and his partner are trying to put the pieces together, and Adrian is becoming more and more connected. And things are getting strange, Ann was even on their list of contacts to question. And oddly enough they would have been there today regardless of if she was alive or dead.

While the detectives are getting closer to Adrian, he is getting more regression therapy. In the last issue we saw that Molly took him to another therapist. This therapist seems way more legit than the hypnotist. If you recall he brought all this to the surface. And, that meat puppet Adrian murdered him in issue 1. As the therapy continues you’ll get to see Adrian dive deeper into his rabbit hole. You’ll see more of his past-life self, Sutter. Is it a good thing that Adrian is facing his demons head-on and talking to them? I don’t want to spoil too much.

I can tell you that Adrian feels much better after his session, and he does appear to be himself. But, as we have seen in past issues Sutter was really great at taking over Adrian whenever he pleased. It’s hard to tell if this therapy session was really a success or not. During this moment of clarity, Adrian being the good guy he is decides to turn himself it. He calls Det. Anton Greymercy and they make arrangements to meet. Is Adrian really going to turn himself in? Will the detectives be able to get him without Sutter making an appearance?

I have given this series of comics high marks because it’s just done so well. Every detail down to the way the artwork is shaded is creepy just when it needs to be. There are some points in the past where the story line was predictable, but not in a way that made the story stagnant. The story has been flowing really well, and in this issue there are some twists I didn’t even touch on. And, of course I didn’t reveal the exciting ending. Pick up this issue at your local comic shop.

Regression #5 Rating: 9/10

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