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Enter Shikari Unveil New Sound, Stage Presence at Rough Trade

Pop Break Live: Enter Shikari at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY

Enter Shikari took to the stage at Rough Trade NYC to promote its latest album, The Spark, and a shift in the band’s attitude was immediately evident.

No longer clad in flannel shirts and jeans, the foursome came out in formal wear befitting a wedding band. Though their new sound—like their fashion sense—is more refined, Enter Shikari’s live presence proved as raucous as ever.

It only took a few songs before frontman Rou Reynolds climbed atop a speaker cabinet; by the end of the show, he was smack-dab in the middle of the crowd.

Rou never seemed so at ease as he was this Saturday afternoon, and it’s clear the release of Shikari’s heartfelt new album lifted a massive weight off his shoulders.

The band can only continue its ascent from here.

Read Nick Porcaro’s review of Enter Shikari’s The Spark.

Setlist: (via setlist.fm)

The Spark
The Last Garrison
Take My Country Back
Undercover Agents
Rabble Rouser
Torn Apart
Live Outside
The Embers


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