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The New Justice League Trailer is Awful & Leaves Little Hope for DC’s Latest Film

Is this a joke?  THIS is the FINAL trailer for Justice League?  I’ve been a DC fan my whole life, but I can honestly say I barely care about this movie anymore.  I know I’m just piling on at this point. Everybody has extremely low expectations for this inevitable debacle, so maybe that will work in the film’s favor. I want to be DEAD wrong here. I want to LOVE this movie. I look at this trailer though, and all I see are explosions and second grade level dialogue. I’m so defeated. Let’s just get this over with.

We’ll start with the positives. The beginning of the trailer is actually pretty good.  As someone who loves Man of Steel, for the first time, this movie actually felt like an extension of that world with the Hans Zimmer score and the appearance of Amy Adams and Henry Cavill. That was a nice moment. I know I’m the only one who wants this, but can we just get another Man of Steel movie?

From there on out, this is the most underwhelming final trailer for a big franchise movie I’ve ever seen in my life. First of all, what is that music? Awful. Is that supposed to be a remix of David Bowie’s “Heroes?” I’m not joking. I honestly can’t even tell. It sounds like they put the song through a meat grinder and then some fat guy jumped up and down on it. What the hell was that? Is Danny Elfman’s score not ready yet?

We’ll get to the “characters” in a minute. There’s nothing to analyze here. This is literally two minutes of fire and dumb looking guys with wings getting punched. That’s it. That’s the trailer. Bruce Wayne alludes to his dream and something “much darker” coming, but that’s pretty much it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – this could be one of the worst villains ever in a superhero movie. He looks like a big dumb guy you fight in Level 1 from the old Sega Genesis game Goldenaxe.

Let’s get to the actual Justice League now. Cyborg was there. That’s all I have to say about that. What shocked me most was how little Wonder Woman we saw. I figured she’d be the MAJOR selling point right now. Not only that, Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live last night. Why would you not make her the focus? I guess they decided to make explosions the focus.  Whatever.

Then you have Batman. Ben Affleck still looks great in the role, but his dialogue was Generic McGeneric. “Divided, we are not enough.”  Come on! I know this sounds like a nit-pick, but can we try a little harder here? At least it wasn’t as bad as Aquaman’s lines.

Aquaman is one of the characters I’ve been looking forward to most of all. Not just in Justice League, but his own movie as well. I need to stop kidding myself.  Here were Aquaman’s lines in the trailer:

“My man!”

He also says something to Bruce Wayne at the beginning, in which Bruce responds with “That’s not a saying. That’s the opposite of what the saying is.”  I’ve watched that clip five times, and I can’t even understand what the hell he says. Strong something? Can someone put that in the comments section. I’d appreciate it. Bottom-line: Will there be any depth to this character?  Something other than yelling excitedly about things?

Then we get the final joke with the Flash about the bat signal. It’s not awful, but it’s such a blatant effort to appease people who want a lighter film. They put it in at the end of the trailer, and it’s just the way Ezra Miller delivers the line. It’s so obvious they are over trying to be Marvel. If there’s anything worse than a Marvel movie, it’s trying to be a Marvel movie (*cough* The Amazing Spider-Man 2 *cough*).

Again, I want to be wrong about this movie. I’d love nothing more than to walk out of this film saying it’s the best movie of 2017. It’s shocking how underwhelming this trailer is.  Despite what you think of the previous DCEU movies, they at least had incredible trailers, even Suicide Squad. This looks nothing more than a third rate action movie.  This cast, and more importantly these characters, deserve a hell of a lot better.

At this point, I just want to get through this.

Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
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