Review: Adventure Time 2017 Spooktacular

Spooktacular Special #1

If you’re a fan of the Adventure Time cartoon series you already know there are some really creepy aspects. As soon as I noticed this comic, I had to call dibs on it. I hope this comic is as fun as I’m hoping. There are four short stories to entice your inner need for creepy and spooky. I’ll give a break-down of each one spoiler free.

Adventure Time Halloween Spooktacular

Our tales begin with the telling of The Morning Ritual. In this tale we get to see by far one of the most powerful and dark beings in the realm: Peppermint Butler. With his ties to the dark side PepBut can make anything creepy. Even waking up on a Monday morning. Monday is the most terrifying of morning’s as we all know. This tale will show you precisely how Peppermint Butler rises and shines. And, how his evil minions help him prepare for the day ahead.

In our next tale, War of the Magicians, Finn and Jake are doing what they do best, beating up baddies. This time the baddies are in the bizarre and delicious form of Pastasquatch. Yes, pastasquatch, imagine big foot made out of delicious spaghetti and meatballs. Just as they are defeating the “bowl” of pastasquatch Finn legit poofs out. Why? Because he’s been teleported to a different dimension by MMarvin the MMagnificent (the extra M is for magic according to Marvin). From here Doomsy D. Clown and MMarvin have a magic-off and Finn is a part of the show as a lovely assistant. Yes, Finn is even wearing sparkly attire. Can Finn and Jake survive the super annoying magicians? Will they be annoyed to death? You’ll have to read this special to find out.

What kind of a spooktacular special would this issue be without an appearance from the other side? And, by that I mean the alternate fan-fic world The Ice King created. In Gumball’s Masquerade Butterscotch Butler and Gumball are prepping for a huge Masquerade being held at the castle. The only issue is Gumball invited Marshall Lee, and Butterscotch Butler isn’t too thrilled with it. Why? Because Marshall Lee just yesterday did some terrible things to Gumball. Gumball doesn’t seem too concerned and doubt’s he’ll even show, but Butterscotch is out for blood.

Our last tale in this Spooktacular is Candy in the House. Pepbut is making his way through the forest trying to deliver a message to Princess Bubblegum. Unfortunately for him it’s raining pretty hard so he’s having a hard time travelling on his bicycle. He happens upon a deserted house in the middle of the forest. He goes inside and sees that the house hasn’t been cleaned for a while, but oddly there are some fresh peanuts and a book.

Pepbut takes a seat and starts skimming through the book while enjoying some salted peanuts. Suddenly he hears a person coming down the stairs. The house isn’t abandoned, just neglected. The home-owner is kind enough to offer Pepbut a drink, and they begin talking about the book. Within its pages are pictures of children enjoying delicious candies, peppermints to be exact. The host gets creepy and mentions that he would like to experience the tastes the children in the book are. Can Peppermint Butler escape?

Well, this was everything I expected from an Adventure Time comic with a spooky theme. If you like the show and want to learn more about Peppermint Butler I recommend picking it up. There’s not really much plot that is super important to the main story in the cartoon, so it can be enjoyed by itself. If you’re not a fan of Adventure Time I could see this comic being really odd and not quite understood. But if you are a fan check it out.

Rating: 7/10

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