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Review: AHS: Cult, ‘Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag’

In the beginning, we see a news recap of the shooting during Kai’s rally. We see Kai being charming on TV with his loving sister, Winter, by his side, of course. And then we see Beverly going to Kai’s house to speak with him, where she is met with armed white men who refuse to let her through. Eventually, Kai comes and lets her in, but as she walks through the house she sees these same Nazi-esque men with firearms around every corner. And she is not happy. I mean, how could she be? He’s basically collecting Nazis. And the “movement” seems to be put on hold, as Beverly is told to sit back and relax. As if she’s being told, “I don’t need you anymore.”

This episode isn’t about Kai, though. In this episode, we are meant to see the rise of a women’s revolt, but in this case, it’s the women Kai has been using to achieve his goals revolting against him. But it stems from a radical movement led by Valerie Solanas (Lena Dunham), which is based on a true story…minus the whole murderous cult thing. Although, they really did never find the Zodiac Killer, so, hey, could be true I guess. Lena Dunham does an amazing job in her role as Valerie. Obviously, its an embellished version of Valerie’s story, but Lena Dunham is just fantastic.

In all honesty though, I don’t really see the point. We didn’t need an entire episode for it, though. While I was very excited about Frances Conroy’s return, as Bebe Babbot, she didn’t really DO anything. She told them this really long and elaborate story about these radical women and this gay guy that betrayed them and it’s all to make the women in Kai’s cult angry, I get that, but why?

Why did you need to tell this super long story? It didn’t develop our plot, I mean, it set something in motion, I guess, but I really wasn’t that impressed by it. If we weren’t over halfway through the season, I might have been more interested, but I found myself just really not drawn in. Lena Dunham’s performance was the saving grace for this elongated flashback. Oh! Also, Evan Peters appears in this flashback as Andy Warhol and he is just fabulous.

Of course, as per usual, at the end we are met with a “Wait, wtf?” moment, which I will not say in order to avoid spoilers, but damn. American Horror Story always does get me with the twists. I didn’t see this one. Still, nothing really “happens” in this episode. Our cast continues to do a fantastic job, but I didn’t “care” about this episode. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I wasn’t drawn in.

‘Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag’ OVERALL SCORE: 7 / 10

Despite my complaints, it wasn’t a bad episode by any means. There was a great story with great characters, it just didn’t really apply that much to our already great story with great characters.


Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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