Review: Go Go Power Rangers #4

Go Go Power Rangers is published by BOOM! Studios it is written by Ryan Parrott with art by Dan Mora.

BOOM! Studios has been doing an amazing job with their licensed series.

Go Go Power Rangers #4 Cover

Creator-owned content can get some leeway because, well, that person/those persons created it, it’s their story. But when it’s license, when it’s characters people already have a special attachment too and expectations, it can get tricky. The original Power Rangers are something a lot of us 90s kids have an investment in, an attachment. I try my best not to be the person who gets apprehensive when a remake or a new thing based off of this old thing I love happens, but I have my moments. I was genuinely unsure about the Power Rangers comic series. But BOOM! Has been doing it right. And while I really like and enjoy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I have just fallen in love with Go Go Power Rangers.

Here we are in issue 4 and we finally understand why they referred to Kimberly as “salad girl” when Matt first introduced them. This was a pretty big deal for me because it’s seriously been bothering me. And now I have my answer and I can sleep peacefully once more (except probably not because I have a terrible sleep schedule).

With Matt being knocked unconscious by the huge monster, “Flog,” as Finster called it (also that’s the thing it yells over and over), Kimberly can finally transform. Which is perfect timing because our huge monster becomes a gigantic monster with a little boost from Rita. But that means it’s time for the best part WHICH IS THE ZORDS! Everyone loves the Dinozords. Don’t even try and deny it. However, with Jason still stuck in a building full of people, they can’t form the Megazord.

Best part of this issue though is when Billy, as the Blue Ranger, saves Skull from a collapsed building and just tells him “Power Rangers see everything”. And I can just hear his voice in my head saying it and it’s perfect. We also have a moment towards the end of the issue, which I won’t spoil, but Zack asks Zordon very interesting question is asked. A question I never really thought of, something I actually never “questioned” for lack of a better word, and the answer we get just makes sense. It answers this question, it’s not just some lame, easy answer either. It’s a seriously solid answer. So. Go Zordon. And of course, as the Rangers will learn, there aren’t happy endings where everything wraps up perfectly, not while Rita is still watching and plotting, at least.

Also, can I just say, I love Dan Mora’s art. I mean, I do really like Ryan Parrott’s writing, but Dan Mora’s art is just fantastic. It’s kind of a perfect blend of comic and anime style. I feel like some artists don’t see that as a compliment because anime is like…frowned upon for some reason? But I seriously mean it as a compliment. Because I love both of those things. There’s just something about the style and color that gives me that sense. Probably the vibrancy. But then again, the Power Rangers SHOULD be vibrant and colorful, so this style just seem perfect for them.


We got to see several characters experience emotions we generally don’t associate with them. We see Kimberly rage, we see Zack in this self-doubting, “why am I not good enough” type of mood but I wouldn’t call it “depressed” per say. We don’t always get to see that. This issue added a lot of character depth. And, of course, giant robot versus giant monster fights are always excellent.


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Happy reading!