Review: Gotham City Garage #2

In Issue #1 we learned about this crazy new world where superheroes don’t exist. Comics portraying heroes were considered contraband. Oh, and Lex Luthor saved the world. The last city standing was The Garden and it was basically a tomb for the living. Kara Gordon was able to escape the garden, but her dad Jim Gordon wasn’t as lucky.

Kara was reluctantly taken in by a biker gang at the Gotham City Garage. The ladies didn’t trust her until Kara explained that she has been searching for free ever since she laid her hands on her first Wonder Woman comic. The ladies are working on their motorcycles when Barda informs them she has a job for them. Ok, it’s not really a job, but more like a heist. Kara volunteers and it seems Barda even looks forward to training her. Banshee, Barda, and Kara take off into the Freescape.

You get to learn a lot about Barda’s past. This woman is a freaking bad-ass. It seems she had to be from a young age. In a strange way Barda is almost maternal towards Kara. She seems to feel guilty that Kara is even in this situation, but she wants to prepare her for the real world outside of the garden. Kara asks if she will get to meet Wonder Woman in the Freespace, and Banshee assures her that Wonder Woman is a myth.

The ladies finally meet up with the 18-wheeler they need to rob. Kara wastes no time in gaining control of the truck from the driver. It’s not long after we see a gang of red hoods that the ladies refer to as the Red Hood M.C. trying to intercept and gain control too. Kara is successful in driving the large truck and most of the men away from the prize inside. But, the ladies aren’t out of the woods yet.

With the gang closing in on them, Barda decides to drive through a really dangerous part of the Freescape called the Canyons of Clay. The clay violently comes to life as they’re all driving through. Barda is hoping to evade capture and trip up the Red Hood M.C. Barda warns Kara that if she doesn’t listen to her instructions closely here that she could very well die here. Kara tightens her grip on Barda and things are looking rough for Banshee and the Red Hood M.C.

Wow guys, okay, so we meet more characters we have grown to love in so many other forms in this tale. I feel like by the end of this run we will see all of our favorites in one form or another. I really like this weird universe and this story was actually pretty fun and adventurous. Another strong point is the way the writers convey Barda’s past and present thoughts as she is navigating through a wasteland trying to protect Banshee and Kara. This issue is a wild ride, but lighter than the dark aspect from the first issue….okay, not much lighter. Pick up this issue at your local comic shop.

Gotham Garage #2 Rating: 8.5/10

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